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An image from a recent wedding at Lumley Castle, using the fabulous late evening sunset as a backdrop.

This was an editing corlaboration with Nikolaos Axelis (CEO of Photoshop Digital Albums), one night on my recent business trip to Greece. I will have a post regarding my trip to Greece, in the next few days.

View more of my work at

Very exiting times ahead !!! I have just booked my flights to Greece for the end of this month, for a very exiting business trip !!! 

Never did I ever dream, that when I started my own business, I would be regularly travelling abroad for business !!! I have already been to France this year, and now heading to Greece, but I have trips to Mexico and Italy booked for next year, and two trips to Italy in 2017 !!! Happy days. :-)

If you wish to book me for your wedding in 2016, 2017 and 2018, please do not hang around !!! I have had the most wedding enquiries, and wedding bookings in the last month, since I won 9 National Merit awards, than at any time since my business started !!

Also my destination weddings bookings are flying through the door too!! Since the recent wedding I photographed in South West France, I have booked weddings for Mexico in October next year, Lake Garda (Italy) in July 2017,and Sicily in September 2017. I have also had recent enquiries for Sicily in October 2017, and Las Vegas for June 2017, who I am waiting getting back to me.

Please remember, the longer you leave it to book, the more chance that your date may have already gone.

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A recent image taken at Beamish Hall. Any brides trying to decide whether or not to have a long veil for your wedding day, I absolutely love photographing them !!! As in this image, it adds motion, and also a little extra "wow" to images. View more of my work at

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I'm feeling rather proud of myself !!!!

I have my 9 Merit awards that I have already been awarded, being judged in the International finals of the Master Photographers Association, this Sunday, at the Hinckley Island Hotel, in Birmingham.

I received a link (below), from the Master Photographers today, with all the Merit images in the wedding category, that my 9 images are in !!

To my amazement I have the most amount of images, from any of the photographers worldwide in the wedding category !!!! I have 9 images from a total of 55 images selected, worldwide in the finals !!!! These 55 images have been selected from thousands of entries from photographers around the globe !!!

Keeping my fingers crossed for Sunday, but whatever happens, I'm overjoyed with my achievements so far !!! Just proves, with hard work.....anything is possible !!!

Well, I do love my job !!!!

Off to South West France next Sunday for four days to photograph a wedding !!! I had to turn down a wedding in Las Vegas for next August, as I am already booked on the date, and I've just had an enquiry for a wedding in Sicily for 2017 !!! Happy days !!! 

Please let everyone know, I do cover destination weddings !!

" I'M ON CLOUD NINE !!!! "
I am overjoyed to say that of my nine images that made it to the final judging stage of the National awards for the Master Photographers Association, ALL NINE of my images have made it through, and have been awarded AT LEAST, a National Merit Award !!!!

My images were judged on Monday 7th of September, by five judges. The average score from all five judges for each of my images had to be at least 80/100 to obtain at least a National Merit Award (I won't know the actual scores till after the awards ceremony).

Images obtaining an 'Award of Excellence or 'Category Winner' are selected from the MERIT winners, and announced at the awards ceremony on Sunday 18th October 2015 at Hinckley Island Hotel.

I am filled with pride over winning these awards, as I have won 9 over the last three years, so to match my last three years tally, all at once is fabulous !!! I am keeping everything crossed, that some of these Merit awards will make it to " Awards of Excellence ", or even "Category Winners".

Just a quick message to everyone !!! I do cover destination weddings abroad !!! I have just had to turn away a wedding in August next year in Las Vegas, because the couple left it too late to book me, and I am already booked !!! I cannot stress enough, please do not delay if you wish to book me for your wedding !!! Many thanks, regards Michael 

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This image was taken on Tynemouth beach, at the site of the old abandoned outdoor swimming pool. This is one of the images that has made it through to the final stages of judging for the National awards of the Master Photographers Association. View more of my work at

Just to let everyone know, I do travel abroad to shoot weddings !!! I already have done many times, and have several booked this year, and next year. I have just had to turn down a wedding in Las Vegas for next August, as the couple left it too late to book, and didn't realise until too late, that I photographed weddings abroad !!!! 
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