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Newbie question: is it possible to add the tag manager code to tumblr blogs? Do I go about the same way as when adding the GA tracking code?

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Has anyone else experienced this? Why can't I share the dashboard?

I'm looking at a client's GA account. They have a goal funnel that starts with the page /shoppingcart.php. When I look at the Reverse Goal Path, I see a path consisting only of this particular page: /shoppingcart.php <- /shoppingcart.php <- /shoppingcart.php. 

I also see, in the Funnel Visualisation Report, that some visitors leave /shoppingcart.php, which is the first step in the funnel, to go to /shoppingcart.php.

Why is this, and how should I interpret it?

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Does anybody know if this article is still valid? Or is there another way to track PayPal payments in GA now?

Thanks in advance

Is it possible to track what is written into a form in google analytics, e.g. can I see how a person who has submitted his/her e-amil adress came to the site?

Quick question: what code do I need to be able to separate visits coming from from those coming from I'm quite sure I have seen a guide on how to do this, but now I can't find it.

I guess this is truly a noob question, but here goes: 
Has anyone made any sense of the Google Analytics SEO report? Especially the "Average Position" under "Queries". I do not understand what it is supposed to tell me.

does anyone know of a good poll widget for Wordpress?
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Are there any analytics- and Google Drive-savvy people here who can help me with the following?
I am trying to build a dashboard in Google spreadsheets that will display the number of visitors for during the last 28 days, and also disply the same metrics fot the 28 days before that. I want to pull this data into a spreadsheet that updates automatically, and I want to display these two metrics in one chart. And I would like everything to update automatically.

Is this possible, and how do I achieve this? I know how to pull data from GA to GD using the method described here:, but how do I go one from there?
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Lodjuret; vilken stjärna i naturen!
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