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Author, mommy, and secret working professional
Author, mommy, and secret working professional


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Hey everyone, sorry I've been MIA...had some family stuff going on. Also working on some stuff that I can't talk about yet 😁

Wanted to drop this here in case anyone who read this wants it in book format or wants to share :)

If you haven't checked out #instafreebie you really should, there are lots of great books there!!!

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Giant Storm Trooper balloon for sons birthday :)

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It's getting closer!
Welcome to the Reader’s Corner Event Page for Virtual FantasyCon 2016. This page is for Fantasy Readers to gather and chat with each other and the participants of Virtual FantasyCon 2016. It is not for promotion, per se, but there will be a thread with links to interviews done by some of the authors and showcased on the Virtual FantasyCon 2016 website.

Keep an eye peeled to this event page, as we will be having games, and such, along with information leading up to the kickoff of the Virtual FantasyCon 2016 event, and info on this year’s newest thing, Virtual FantasyCon awards.

So sit back, kick up your feet, and rest a spell, while enjoying all things Fantasy!

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So inspiring...
Catherine Nelson pieces together thousands of images to form fantastical worlds.

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A Valentine's Night
part 2

It was a little painstaking making the rounds to her friends’ lockers, the school had three floors and she had to climb the stairs from the bottom to the top to put her Valentine’s cards through the slots beneath the metal doors. Many lockers had big red hearts taped on them, there were even a few with heart shaped balloons slightly swaying in the breeze from students walking to and fro. Alexandra tried to push the last envelope into the locker of Dominic Higgins, his locker was completely covered in red and pink hearts with different girls’ names written in all colors of the rainbow.

Dominic was ridiculously popular, everyone liked him and most girls at school were half in love with him, including the female staff. Alexandra told herself that she only liked him as a friend, ignoring the fluttering of her heart whenever he gazed into her eyes before asking her if he could borrow a pen. Dominic knew the power he had over girls, but never really used it for anything but good.

Eventually she had to admit herself defeated by his close to bursting locker. There was no way of getting the Valentine’s card in there without ruining it. Dominic had never cleaned out his locker ones during the two years he had had it. That, and the amount of Valentine’s cards and notes stuffed in there made Alexandra take a few steps back of fear of having it explode in her face if she bumped into it. Instead she walked down the row of lockers to the very end. She had scored a locker next to her homeroom and it being at the end of the row meant she only had to elbow one person to get her stuff. First bell rang and the amount of students in the hallway tripled. Alexandra got her World History book out of her locker and slid the red envelope inside, she’d have to hand it over in person.

“Ugh!” Rosie Garcias let her bag fall heavily on the desk next to Alexandra before throwing herself across it, face buried in her arms.
“What’s wrong?” Alexandra didn’t add ‘today’ to her question, Rosie had a new problem every day but they disappeared by lunchtime most days.
“Mom has a new boyfriend.”
“Oh.” This might actually be something to be upset about.
“She told me at breakfast that he’s taking her out for Valentine’s Day and I have to babysit Daniella and Victor.” Rosie’s brother and sister were 12 and 10, not yet old enough to be left by themselves a whole evening.
“So I guess this means we have to rethink our plans for tomorrow?” Alexandra’s mind had already started to alter the plans made, going to the movies to see the latest zombie film and afterwards to the diner for hamburger and curly fries. Rosie sat up and looked at her, surprise all over her features.
“No, seriously Lexie! You can’t change everything just because I have to stay at home.” Alexandra didn’t have time to answer, Mrs Bloom stepped into the classroom and went straight to the whiteboard. They would have to talk about this at lunch, their schedule divided them for the two following periods.

In Calculus Alexandra talked with Lucy Robins about how Rosie had to babysit tomorrow night and Lucy agreed that they needed to come up with something that could include Daniella and Victor. Lucy later talked to Maxine and Luke, who talked with Ben and James and no one had any problems with changing their plans. They had always, or at least for the last two years, done something as a group on Valentine’s Day, so that no one felt left out and alone.

“Hey Alexa, I heard Rosie got stuck with babysitting tomorrow. What’s the plan?” Why did everyone assume she was the one with the plan? Dominic put his arm around her shoulders as he caught up with her. Suppressing the need to lean her head against him she tightened her grip on the strap of her bag and gave him a quick smile.
“I don’t know yet.” Theresa Evans, the queen bee in their year, gave her a dirty look when she saw Dominic’s arm around Alexandra’s shoulders, but Alexandra was so used to the constant jealousy displayed by females when she was with Dominic that she only rolled her eyes a little. “Everyone seems okay with not going to the movies, so I guess we’ll grab something to eat and then hang out at someone’s house.”
“I’m down with that.” A pretty brunette, a senior, stepped up and forced them to stop as to not walk straight into her.
“Hi Dominic.” She fluttered her eyelashes and showed her dimples. “I have something for you.” A white envelope covered with lipstick kisses was thrust into his hand before she winked and walked away, swaying her hips all the way up the stairs.

They started walking again, his arm was still around her but the sudden stop had made it slide down to her waist. It felt more intimate and so nice it made her cheeks turn pink. Dominic was quiet, turning the envelope over, reading his name surrounded by hearts. She hoped he wouldn’t open it while she was around.
“Oh. This reminds me.” Alexandra stopped, his arm almost losing contact with her body before he too stopped. Ignoring how he resettled his arm around her waist she reached into her bag and retrieved the red envelope from her World History book. It had his name in simple black block letters on the front, it wasn’t even sealed.

Dominic didn’t seem to know what to do. She held the letter out to him and eventually he let go of her and stuffed the other letter in his back pocket.
“Thanks Alexandra.” The genuine smile he gave her made her knees feel weak and she hoped her smile looked neutral instead of blissed out. When he didn’t make a move to start walking again but to open the envelope she felt a slight panic take a tumble in her stomach.
“Uh, you don’t have to read it now.” Suddenly she felt very conscious of the fact that she’d used the L-word in his card. Dominic only grinned at her and pulled the card out, looking at the simple red heart on the front before reading what she had written inside.

You bring a smile to my days, and even though you steal my pens I love that you’re my friend.

His face lit up. “And I love that you’re my friend too.” The hug came as a complete surprise. His arms held her tight, his chest was hard against her’s and the smell of his cologne filled her head with visions of kissing him. Before she could think of anything to say he had let go of her and placed his arm over her shoulders again. In a daze she let him lead her into the classroom and she took her seat behind him.
Mr Perkins droned on and on and she took notes, but if someone had asked her what the history lesson had been about she wouldn’t have been able to answer. Visions of Dominic’s smile swam before her eyes along with the feel of his arms around her and her hair had stolen some of his scent.

#SaturdayScenes   #Yheela   #YA  

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A Valentine's Night
part 1

Alexandra capped her pink marker and put the last Valentine’s card into its envelope. 16 red envelopes were stacked on her bed, ready to be put into her friends’ lockers tomorrow. She pulled at the hair tie keeping her hair in a messy bun on the top of her head, ashy blonde locks tumbled down to her shoulders, covering her face and the sad frown she didn’t know she was sporting.
“Lexie!” Her mother’s voice called from downstairs. “Lexie, supper’s on the table.”
“Coming…” Leaving her phone behind on the bed she shuffled down the stairs and into the kitchen.
“Hope you don’t mind leftover lasagna.” Alexandra smiled at her mother. Krystyna Drozd was stunningly beautiful with her long black hair in a braid over her shoulder, porcelain white skin and clear blue eyes. The fact that she was in a wheelchair was something you didn’t notice at first, and her infectious laugh and good mood made most people forget all about it if they did notice.

“I love your lasagna.” Alexandra kissed her mother’s cheek as she took her seat at the table. “And it’s even better the day after.” To prove her point she loaded her plate with food and started eating.
“Are you done with your cards? There seems to more of them every year!” Krystyna laughed and buttered a warm roll, placing it on Alexandra’s plate.
“Yeah. It’s 16 this year and they’re waiting to be put in my bag.” Alexandra put a fork full of lasagna in her mouth to not have to say anything more.
“You’re always so kind to your friends.” Krystyna beamed at her daughter. “They’re lucky to have you darling.” Alexandra nodded and focused on her food. She felt her eyes burning and a lump in her throat and didn’t know why.

The next day was Friday. It was a beautiful morning, the sun seemed to have climbed over the horizon only to sparkle in the heavy frost coating every surface outside. Clutching her bag’s shoulder strap Alexandra waited for the bus down the street from her house. She was the always the first to arrive, a deep fear of missing the bus made her hurry in the mornings. They had no car and riding the bike to school would take nearly half an hour. There was no way she would be on time if she ever missed her bus.

“Lexie.” Alice Long, her 13 year old next-door neighbor, pulled at her coat. “Do you want to buy more Girl Scout cookies? Mom said to ask you.”
Alexandra was careful to keep her face neutral at the thought of buying yet another box of overpriced cookies. She offered Alice a friendly smile and adjusted the knitted cap, which sat lopsided on the younger girl's head.
“I'll have to ask mom. Why don't I come by after school?” Alice smiled, knowing another box would be sold to Alexandra and her mother.
“Alright.” Alice’s friends soon arrived and the girls were giggling and talking excitedly among themselves about Valentine’s Day and boys. The school bus soon pulled up along side them and Alexandra let the younger girls go on ahead of her, Alice and her friends walked to the very back of the bus before sitting down. Alexandra took one of the empty seats at the front, if she was lucky no one would need the seat and she could sit in silence the whole way.

#SaturdayScenes   #Yheela   #YA  

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#Kobo promotion for When Lightning Strikes


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Featured Paranormal on #Wattpad

When Lightning Strikes

If you haven't visited Wattpad you should, but I'm going to warn you it's addicting!

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I finally managed to squeeze out another short scene for my WIP. Some of you might remember that young Gilfor returned to the Capitol, met with the old arms-master, Master Horshal and told him about the attack on Princess Sofia's party. This is the result of that meeting. This is bare bones, first draft so any comments are welcome.

Check out all the Saturdayscenes for some great stories and join the community to post your own.

The Eye is the creation of Jill Lawrence from twistedsisterarts

#saturdayscenes   #fantasy   #EyeoftheDeluti  

   Nestled up against the base of Mount Baltok, where the capital of Kiplar had originally set down its roots, sat an old non-descript inn. Known as the place for late night meetings between discreet lovers and those whose actions were best kept hidden, the innkeeper never lacked for money. No one remembered the inn’s original name, but based on the faded sign above the door that supposedly sported the likeness of the first Queen of Dahlian with two pints of ale pictured below, the name “The Queen’s Jugs” had stuck. Only the innkeeper was aware of the irony of the name considering the identity of one of his patrons.

   In a dark corner farthest from the door, two hooded figures sat in a booth, apparently in a lovers embrace. The pain of long buried memories resurfacing threatened to overwhelm the Queen as she softly kissed the lips of the old arms-master and gently traced the scars on his cheek with her fingers. The face of a young guardsman hovered before her as the past overcame the present and she lost herself to the feelings she had buried for so long. He reached up to cover her hand with his as she pulled back, the flickering candlelight revealing a sad smile on his face.

   “The memory of your soft lips has never left me even after all these years. Please believe me when I say I never stopped loving you Olivia. I used to curse the Eyes for the position we found ourselves in until I realized I could protect you better from the shadows then by your side.”

   “Oh Malcom, I’ve missed you so,” she murmured while resting her head on his shoulder. “What happened to our love, my handsome young protector, and why have you chosen to re-kindle that love?”

   The arms-master stiffened at her question and then let out a sigh heavy with regret. “The Deluti happened. It is also one of the reasons I needed to meet with you like this. The story I have to tell may not be easy for you to hear.”

   It was Olivia’s turn to stiffen as she lifted her head and stared at him, the eyes of a Queen replacing those of a young princess in love. “I’m listening.”

   Malcom paused to gulp down the rest of his ale and signaled for another round, which gave him the time to order his thoughts before answering. “On the day Sofia was born, I felt compelled to guard the door to your rooms. After everyone had left to allow you and the baby a chance to rest, a Deluti spirit appeared and had me under its spell before I could react.”

   He shivered as the memory of that night returned and he felt caught up in its grip once again. "It was like time had come to a standstill and only the two of us existed. The spirit told me that soon the five Deluti Amulets of Focus would return to the world of men and that they had chosen a number of human children who would receive a portion of Deluti blood mixed with their own. Sofia is one of those chosen. The spirit then charged me with keeping that secret and to protect her with my life until she left to be on her own.”

   He watched in admiration as the intelligent woman he knew and loved, calmly sipped her wine while processing the information he’d just given her. It didn’t take long before she leaned back, closed her eyes and blindly reached for his hand.

   “Well, that explains a lot, particularly why you distanced yourself from me after Sofia was born, and why you insisted on training her in secret when she was old enough. It’s also clear to me that you wouldn’t be telling me this unless something has happened to her.” At which point she squeezed his hand. “Please tell me she is safe.”

   “Olivia, the repercussions from what has happened will ripple through both our countries and the resulting consequences are too numerous for me to fathom. That Sofia is still alive I can almost guarantee, but whether or not she is safe, that remains to be seen.”

   Her only reaction was to open her eyes and narrow them in concentration. He then proceeded to relay everything young Gilfor had passed on the night before. He also assured her that men and wagons were already on their way to the ambush site to retrieve the bodies of the guards and to bury the attackers where they lay.

   “So my daughter has the power of a Deluti inside of her?”

   “Yes, and she has already begun to use those powers even if she isn’t aware of it yet. With Ronald at her side, I believe they will be able to take care of themselves. What worries me is how are the rumors going to affect our people, and what the reaction will be from the King of Marlinor is anybody’s guess.”

   The Queen set down her glass of wine and pulled him close, a coy smile dancing across her lips. “Those problems will still be there on the morrow. Right now I need you to remind me how much you love me.”

   Malcom returned her smile with one of his own. “As my Lady commands.”
                                    *          *          *
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