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Writer, Photographer, Music Synthesizing, Painting, Sculpture, Videos, SilkScreen, Inventor, Computer Programmer, Entrepreneur-arranged.
Starter of New Projects which will last for Generations To Come.
Bragging rights
1964, Spokane, WA USA, Honorable Mention in a Science Fair, for making a crank-electric telephone, when I was 14 years old. Funny...No one else has made one commercially, since. 1968, Seattle University, Seattle, WA, USA. Myself and others in an All-City Event, began the first ever, "Milk Carton Boat Race-1968". The object was to make a floatable device out of milk cartons, and sail it down a 5-mile slough, for prizes and fun. My ship took second place, and first place for the carved maiden head, made out of styrofoam. (Google Search "Milk Carton Boat Races, Seattle WA USA, and you will see that it is still in business, every year!) 1968 Seattle University, Seattle WA USA, produced my first 4.5 minute long electronic music piece on Robert Moog's "first-out that year", Moog Synthesizer. The work was completed on 12-track magnetic tape, all on one side. Each track was a complete symphony of any sound, and each track was a speaker. A Live Audience sat and watched a sound-recording machine in the days of reel-to-reel tape, play pre-recorded music, for three hours. In those days, there were no live synthesizers on stage. It took about 3 months, to make one song, and pre-record and dub every individual sound like "beats" at counts of rps on the tape counter. Reel-to-real magentic tape previously used to store data on computers, which was one-inch wide(about half of a centimeter), had the 12 tracks on it. 1969, Sumner, WA USA was an Apprentice for the Sculptor "Tom Jay", for a couple of metal-casting bronze pouring days. 1968 & 1969, I studied Sculpture at Seattle University, Seattle, WA USA, under Marvin Herrard, a famous Sculptor. I also studied under the famous Painters from the Chicago Art School, Nicolas Damascus (Greek American), and under the famous painter and print-maker, Val Laigo (Phillipino-American). Peter Bal & I were classmates. Peter Bal, is a famous Hawaiian-American Sculptor, from the University of Hawaii. Peter Bal, discovered how to sculpt with "Coral Reef", to produce some of the most beautiful and smooth to the touch, talc-like sculptures. He is thought to be the first person on Earth, which has ever been successful by any method, to sculpt with Coral Reef. 1976, R.A.Parker, Inc., Seattle, WA USA, assisted a computer programmer to tell a computer how to do "ditto", to save man hours on a business contract. This was back in the days, when one computer filled a whole building. Remember "punch cards"? Invented a means in the printing industry to make a negative without a camera, and to make a positive from its negative, without an enlarger. This saved the Company over $7K in materials, 6 weeks in labor, got the product done two weeks before the deadline, and improved everyone's paycheck, by $1.50 per hour,per each employee, as a result of all the money saved, and the generosity of the employer(Specialty Manufacturing Company, Inc. Seattle, WA, near Port of Seattle, WA docks) 1977. 1990-Lynden WA USA, and Bellingham WA USA, Cast-poured paper sculptures and high-relief embossed designs, art shows and sales, was my first attempt ever to do this, and with great success. In Ferndale, WA USA, I learned how to build with Cast Paper, through hobbies and interaction with carpenters, into cast paper as a building possibility. One, Anthony Newlight, and myself, worked out ideas toward the goals of making shelters and building designs out of paper. Eventually the problems of drying paper, making it fireproof without toxic chemistry or asbestos, and making it waterproof, and harder than wood, while still keeping it lightwieght, became discovered by myself. 1990-1996, Ferndale, WA USA. Myself produced seven different albums of music with cassette recording tape and machines, and keyboard synthesizers. 1994-1996, Ferndale, WA USA. Produced two different books about Washington State, modern Gold Mining. 2000-2002. Produced six different books about new discoveries in land reclamation and space time continuum, 6th dimension. 2004-2006 Was able to warn US States of upcoming disasters in Hurricanes and Tornadoes, based on Space-time continuum celestial mechanics of my own discovery. Learn computer programming on 486K IBM/PC through Pentium 4 XP, and wrote five different word processing programms, and 68 different "QBASIC" mathematical programs for the Earth Equations in 6th Dimension notation. These equation cross-triangulate across time and space, to figure future data accurately. It is a method like what Einstein wanted to mix algebra with geometry. One side of the triangle is data and the other side is time, into a distant future. The mathematics figures out what the data will be, when time of the future converges with data of the present. This math cannot be used to make a weapon. However, it can be used to plot extreme stresses in metals given specific constants. It can plot where new data will be, after some kind of expansion in the Universe has forced all electrical patterns beyond known Gauss. (If a satellite experienced severe heat from the Sun, the mathematics on Earth, may figure out what the machine is supposed to be doing, and yet the machine will actually be doing something different, because it is hot, and not responding to normal-temp-math, on Earth. Earth measurers would not know that. Algeo-SQR can figure out the magnetic changes. This is an example. Another example, is that its math can figure out 6-months into the future based upon two dissimilar variables occurring 6 months apart, from each other and the future event, accurately, within a factor for error. The Algeo-SQR shows that magnetic fields are more predictable near Perigee than at Appogee.) A future plan for figuring out the Martian Equations is to be launched sometime in the future, and a finish to the book about the Universe and the function of the Leap Day and the Leap Year.
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