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Keep all your GARMIN Connect activities in your pocket.
Keep all your GARMIN Connect activities in your pocket.

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Garmin viewer PRO now supports new service - SportTracks. You can view all your activities, stats, calendar and health data. More features will be added in coming weeks. Enjoy

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We've added new feature to version 1.1.33 - Zoomable graphs.

Using pinch to zoom you can zoom to any part of graph, see minimum/maximum and average values for your selection. To move to another part of graph drag blue handle at the top of graph.

What is next thing you would like to see in Garmin viewer PRO?

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We've got new video where you can see all main features of Garmin viewer PRO

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Smart Filter
You can filter your activities using Smart Filter.
time based
=35min (activities which are 35 minutes long)
>2hr (activities longer than 2 hours)
8-15min (activities between 8 to 15 minutes)
distance based
date based
2013 (activities added in year 2013)
you can also set multiple filters at once, just write to filter field multiple conditions:
<2hr >15km 2012 2013 (activities shorter than 2 hours, longer than 15 kilometers and done in years 2012 or 2013)
to filter by activity name you can enter full name, part name or long click on activity. That will enter name of activity to filter field

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