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Damon Hickman
If you don't know me you soon will! YOU WILL LOVE ME!
If you don't know me you soon will! YOU WILL LOVE ME!

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So I have been a part of the Android community since the day I got the original Droid. I started making themes, small mods and worked my up to creating ROMs. I got out of the ROM game for some time to work on a project with some talented people. It was put on hold for awhile but it is back on track and we are hoping to release a demo within the coming months. For those that knew me through the Droid2 and DroidX days may know what I am referring too but for now I would like it to keep it on the down low and slowly build up the release. I will say it is a fun game to play and a spoof on a place some of you may visit everyday. Through this journey there have been good times and some pretty bad times. In my personal life and in my online life. Through it all there have been many people who have been my side and many others that have contributed to my projects. So I want to say thanks, thanks!

With the holiday season here, I feel like it is time to give back once again.

So my next giveaway will be something good. A lucky winner will receive a Nexus7 32GB WiFi tablet and Nexus4 16GB.

All you have to do is share this post with your friends and ask them to follow me. When I hit 3,000 followers I will pick a random winner.

Thanks and Happy Holidays everyone.

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I need someone to root my evo! I'm an idiot, any volunteers? 

I need some good apps for a Droid tablet. Please help!

Best tablet to get that's not an Apple product? Tell me G+ers! Thanks!

I'm looking for an extended battery for my EVO Shift. I need help from my smart friends so that I don't get duped. What should I look for?

Millville, New Jersey

So much to do and so little time until the big day! 

Bachelor Party in two days! And our wedding in 9 days! Life is grand!

I'm so tired of screwing up and doing things wrong! I'm getting to old for this shit! (in my Danny Gloved voice)

This woman, whom I am working alone with I might add, is completely bonkers! She wants to catch a flight from Philly to Atlantic City!? WTF! Oh, and she commands God on what he does for her and what he does to other people! 
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