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It's a lifestyle, not a destination. #besomebody.
It's a lifestyle, not a destination. #besomebody.


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Big thanks to Entrepreneur for naming us one of the 3 most disruptive apps in the world. Our platform enables you to book experiences with talented people around you to learn anything you're passionate about. Download our iPhone app for free today to start living your passion. #besomebody.

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A must-read new blog post by Founder Kash Shaikh. About freeing yourself from the boxes people put you in, and then finding someone to run wild with... "Her choice of words and style of sentences awakened the deepest, most dormant parts of my red-hot soul." ‪#‎besomebody‬.
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NEW BLOG POST by Founder & CEO Kash Shaikh: "Romance is Dead."

Romance is dead. Connection is dying. Caught in the claws of this fast-paced, full-fazed, force-fed addiction we have to movement and progress and climax. This need to get from point A to point Z before the empty applause dies down from our news feeds. Trying to snap our way into a silent love story. Soaking in as little as we can before it all fades away…

It would be nice to discover romance again.

Find it lying in the midst of all this ambition and attention and ascension. Underneath the lyrical foreplay and sexual aggression. Touch its soft fingers and whisper to it with words so clean they turn us on. Sentences so pure they sanitize the most soiled edges of our senses… Something sacred, and straightforward, and sweet. Something that doesn’t crave communal approval or crater to public perception. Something you think of when the piano plays… Music… Sounds that are light and sonnets that help us see. Simple and elegant, with just the right amount of sharpness and hardship and mystery to make it dangerous and intoxicating and whole. Just enough space to keep us gasping for closeness. And just enough air to set us free…

Romance is dead.

But together we can let it breathe.

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"When I was growing up I had a little ADHD and I couldn't stay focused... I would doodle on the sides of my notebooks and it kinda turned into something that instead of getting into trouble, teachers were like, 'Wow, this is really good.'" - Art Passionary Leah Chyma. Book a Painting Experience on our app with Leah today! #besomebody.
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"Some of what you said was true. Maybe that’s why it hurt so much. I saw myself in the blade and relived my mistakes in the reflection. I wish I could go back and take back everything I said, did, or didn’t do that made you feel like an artificial you."

About the Awful Things You Said. #besomebody.
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Learn or teach anything you're passionate about. #besomebody

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Download the ‪#‎besomebody‬ app. It's time to live your passion. #besomebody.

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"They remind me of our laughter and pain. They remind me of what it felt like to find the love I’d been searching for… And then lose it… They remind me that it was all real." - About the Awful Things You Said. ‪#‎besomebody‬.
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"The Same You." ... NEW BLOG POST by Founder Kash Shaikh.

Next time I’ll be better.
I’ll do different things.
And do things differently.
And make sure that my fractured mind doesn’t get in the way of my fragile heart.
I won’t think so much that I can’t feel anything.
Or talk so long that I forget why we started.
I’ll let every emotion sink in before I spit it out.
I’ll be still.

I’ll fight back against my fears.
And not be so scared to touch your sharpest edges.
Or let you touch mine.
I won’t be afraid to fall into the undiscovered hands of untamed love.
I’ll be more open with my words.
And more honest with my worries.
I’ll be outspoken about what’s broken and upfront about what’s blind.
I’ll be brave.

Read the full post here.
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Make up to $45/hr teaching and sharing your passion on our platform. Sign up today! #besomebody
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