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Sexual shame is all around the world...but we need to start with ourselves, and spread compassion from there.

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Sexual consent is a sticky subject...and I share some personal experiences.

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Not quite the enticing offer it first appears.

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15 Things I Love About You! Do something unique this Valentine's Day that REALLY shows your love :)

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We discussed how it is common for couples to lose their spark and what you can do about it!
The Family Law Insider Helps You Get the Sexy Back Into Your Romantic Relationships!

In case you missed the #HOA Wendy did last week with Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus on getting the "sexy back"...the Family Law Insider is here to save the day! Dr. Jenn's interview was so informative, fun and interesting, we decided to release it without delay as this week's featured episode.

During the show, Dr. Jenn talks about the following very important topics:

1. Why the sexual connection changes after the early stages of a relationship.

2. How to redefine the relationship after the hot and heavy hormones drop off.

3. Priming the pump.

4. What to do if you feel like you are constantly being rejected by your partner.

5. How to communicate with your partner about sex.

6. Mindfulness in your intimate relationships.

Not only that, but at the very end of the interview, Dr. Jenn's friend, Mulva the Vulva, makes a special guest appearance. Mulva summarizes it all by reminding us to "think outside the box" when it comes to sex!

Do not miss this one, ladies and gents!

Here's the link:

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