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wait a minute, i just increased the number of acquaintances in my circles by 28.6 percent! no, no, that's not right... if i had 7 acquaintances and then added 2 but one is really just another account of one of the original 7 then perhaps i have increased my acquaintances by 14.3 percent while increasing the circumference of my circles by 28.6 percent, or in other words my friends all just got more round on average thanks to +Brad Sandidge and his two g+ accounts

is this thing still on?

Will social media go away at the introduction of our next means of artificial interaction? At last count I had 8 instant messaging accounts in order to be available on the channels where my peers invited me - soon after My Space and Facebook really took off, people disappeared from instant messaging only for me to find them in social media. When our consciousness dives into a new stream, will social media be the next to disappear? Does it seem like there are now too many social media choices? I argued that had instant messaging allowed interaction across hosts it would still be popular (like txt msg is to this day across cellular providers) - should I be able to enter the social media stream in my raft of choice while you choose yours?
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