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Hello Interracial Lovlies.  Just wanted to let you know that my IR Erotica will release on Friday 8/23 from Amira Press  called Simply Amazing.  Support is always appreciated.  here is an excerpt:

He flagged the bartender. “A shot, please—whatever you can make quick,” he said falling into a seat.
The bar tender smiled. “A woman?”
“Isn’t it always?”
The bartender poured bourbon whiskey into a shooter. “Here, buddy, a double.”
He shot it back in one gulp. It burned the whole way down.
“Another?” the bartender asked.
“Yeah, another, but make it a boilermaker with whatever light beer you have on tap.”
“Thirsty?” she asked, sliding in next to him.
She didn’t have to speak. The scent of strawberries and champagne gave her away. She always smelled so sweet. He closed his eyes briefly and drank in the scent before he turned to eye her. “Hey.” He tried hard not to ogle her, but that black dress—low-cut front and back with thin straps. What is she doing to me? She is doing this on purpose. Her hair, pulled on top of her head, allowed him full view of her soft neck, shoulders, and cleavage.
His failed attempt at ogling did not go unnoticed. She watched him, waiting for him to say something. He tried even harder to will away the hard on already mounting just from the scent of her.
The bartender came back over. He gave Donia a once-over, then raised a brow.
Blake frowned. He didn’t like other men looking at her. He also knew it couldn’t be helped. She is stunning.
“What are you drinking?” she asked looking at the beer and shot of whiskey.
He dropped the whiskey in the beer and watched it foam over. “Boilermaker,” he answered without looking at her.
The bartender gave Donia his full attention. “What would you like, pretty lady?”
She smiled at him lightly. “Sex on the beach,” she answered, her voice low.
Blake’s cock jumped. Oh hell.
“Hmm, okay. I can see why this guy is drinking doubles.” The bartender joked.
“Touché,” Blake mumbled.
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