Windows7 and Mac OS X font list updated: text viewer with zoom, more fonts, standardised font-size, etc.

I uploaded a new version of the font list with the following main changes:

- If you click on an image you see text with that font applied (if you have it on your system, of course). The text can be zoomed from 14px to 100px (using a nice HTML5 slider, if you have the right browser! [try Chrome, Safari or Opera]). This text includes a little Latin text so you can see the relationship between that and the script.

- All font graphics are now standardised so that text is imaged at a font size of 36px. This makes it more difficult to see some fonts (unless you can use the zoom text feature), but gives a better idea of how fonts vary in default size.

- I added a several extra fonts which contain multiple script support.

- I split Chinese into Simplified and Traditional sections.

- Various other improvements, such as adding real text for N’Ko, correcting the Traditional Chinese text, flipping headers to the left for RTL fonts, reordering fonts so that similar ones are near to each other, etc.
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