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Fucking Textsecure/Signal.

They removed encrypted export. They closed the bug reports about it. They removed the wiki page about it (no, I don't want to create a new page!). At least I get to keep the images of my kids my wife sent me now, due to the export images feature. Too bad about any other images in conversations.

I get a new phone, and decide to send a group message to all my Signal contacts to tell them my key will change. Creating the group shared everyone's phone numbers with everyone else. Oops.

Then I activated Signal on my new phone, thinking I would be able to tell people the new key to expect. No, seems you can't. But by activating it, I can no longer send messages from my old phone, explaining why I created this privacy-destroying group amongst my friends.

Achievement unlocked: #lca2017 rejected my talk proposal!

I offered to talk on future directions for #bitcoin; there are a handful of world-changing ideas which may one day come to bitcoin (OWAS, ZKP, MimbleWimble, Bitcoin-ng), a larger group which is less speculative (new scripting, covenants, stop-old-clients hardfork, mempool set sync, sidechain ops) and a few predictable/completed ones (SegWit et al, UDP block xmit, compact blocks).

I wanted to talk about these because nobody has given the One Stop landscape overview of all this speculative stuff; it's locked in the heads of bitcoin wizards and unknown and unappreciated outside.

But my proposal "nobody appreciates this stuff, let me tell you about it but details TBA" was clearly underwhelming!

ASUS ZenBook back for repair again. Once warm, spontaneous reboots. Of course, they have to install windows to run tests. They had to get Asus's sign off to close job without running tests last time, because Ubuntu...

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Speaking at TEDx Adelaide next month; cryptocurrencies from an Open Source POV. Other speakers look great and diverse, too!

Laptop fail. Expect response delays during repair (1 week min). On top of the one week delay while I was traveling...

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I remember that poweron beep! Ah, I need me one of these!

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Anyone interested in a cryptocurrencies miniconf for If I can find a volunteer to help run it, I'll submit a proposal...

Pebble circling the drain?

Seems like the recent cuts at Pebble have cut too deep into inventory control, the website, and customer service. Alex ordered a new Time two weeks ago, charged when it shipped (+$25 for express 2-5 business day delivery), queried after 5 days, told it hasn't shipped, told it was out of stock, offered refund, had order cancelled without apology. Website still says in stock.

I'm posting this as a warning to those who backed the recent Kickstarter, who (like me 2 weeks ago) thought it was a sure thing :(

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Like all prototype implementations, #bitcoin #lightning is two steps forward, one step back. So I've started a blog about what I'm doing, aiming for weekly updates:
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