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Linda Bartee Doyne
Everything you didn't want to know about alcoholism
Everything you didn't want to know about alcoholism

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Lost --- My killer instinct
I guess I’m just not good at killing people. I confess that
I have, in the past, tried to ignore the pleas from Riley to “help him.” But
when it comes right down to it – I just can’t do it. Riley has been in and out of hospice a lot over the past
couple of ...

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Interview with Neal
A couple of weeks ago, I spoke to Neal about how he was
doing now that the Risky Drinking documentary has aired. I wanted to know what he had been doing since the film
completed until now. He was hesitant to talk to me but not for the reason that
you might ...

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Addicts are not the only victims
Below is a guest post sent to me by Foundations Recovery Network. Lots of great graphics and relevant statistics.  Addiction has the power to destroy many things in someone’s
life. A passion, a future, a career…but most importantly, it can destroy a

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New Year 2017
The New Year is upon us but I find myself looking backward.
I suppose I’m reflecting on the events of 2016 and wondering where the year
went. Each year passes by so quickly. Some of the highlights of 2016 were health issues for me; viewing
the premiere of H...

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An Alcoholic Version of a Night Before Christmas
Twas the night before Christmas and all thru the house Not a creature was stirring not
even a mouse;   The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,             In hopes
that St. Nicholas soon would be there. The children were nestled all snug in their ...

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Risky Drinking Review
Did you watch the
Risky Drinking film? What did you think of it? I liked the film very much. The fact that I advised HBO
through an entire segment makes me unable to give an impartial opinion. Even
though I like the film, after watching it for the second ti...

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Merry Christmas or Bah Humbug!
It’s THAT time
of year again. You know the one where everyone is full of love and kindness,
hope and dreams, and, let’s not forget, jolly laughter. Instead of saying “Have
a nice day,” you now hear “Have a Merry Christmas!” Those politically correct
will sa...

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Surviving the Chaos is Now Available!
NOW AVAILABLE!! Surviving the Chaos Caregiving the Caregiver It's time to take care of yourself. Sometimes we forget that we are even a part of the human race. I often feel that my life, needs, desires are not elements to be considered. The alcoholic is the...

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Caretaker versus Caregiver
After I finished writing the new book, Surviving the Chaos , I
sent it to the proofreader to find all my typos, inconsistencies and other
errors. I had titled the book and added a phrase, Caretaking the Caregiver. As soon as the proofer received my

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I’ve been in New
York City for the past couple of days. I was invited
to the preview showing of the HBO film, Risky Drinking. I happily put Riley
into a nursing home for respite and headed off to take a bite out of the Big
Shiny Apple! I’ll write about th...
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