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Memories of Lilacs and April
The lilacs are in bloom and every
time I walk out onto the deck, I smell them. Lilacs and April are two reminders
of Jim. He left this world on April 18, 2005. The lilacs reminded me of a story
Aunt Nita shared at Jim’s services: “I remember a time a few ye...

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Learn As You Go
At line dancing class recently, we
danced to the song, “Life Is a Dance.” As I listened to the words, “learn as
you go,” I was reminded of my years as a caregiver. During the decade of Jim’s
journey, I truly learned as I went along. I certainly wasn’t a pro...

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Taking AIM at Alzheimer's
Linda Fisher and Congresswoman Hartzler What is it that brings me back to
Washington, D.C., year after year? It’s not the cherry blossoms. It’s not the
Smithsonian or the monuments. It’s not the food, although after a meal with my
besties—Jane, Kathy, and S...

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Headed to DC
This year marks my 17th trip to D.C. to join my voice with fellow advocates at the Alzheimer's Advocacy Forum. Essential preparations for this annual journey began on Wednesday with laundry. It seemed that most of the clothing I planned to wear was in need ...

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A Fleeting Shadow
At a funeral recently, the pastor referenced
a book of Psalms that referred to life as a “breath” and our days as a “fleeting
shadow.” Sunday morning, I had planned to use these thoughts as inspiration for
a blog post. Before I had a chance to write my

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Lewy Body Dementia
“My mom has dementia,” the woman
said. “How is that different from Alzheimer’s?” “I think of dementia as an
umbrella,” I said. “Beneath the umbrella of dementia are several diseases.
Alzheimer’s is the most common kind of dementia.” In the 2017 Alzheimer’s ...

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March Madness
With Donna Hirner-Gardner at Legislative Conference March marched onto my calendar with
the purpose of seeing how sane I could remain in an insane world. The month
began with a series of meetings. By Friday I was a little bedraggled and had
driven to Jeffer...

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Blowin' in the Wind
As usual, I was running late for an
appointment this morning. As I turned onto the highway, I noticed my Sedalia Democrat had been delivered to
my paper box. Deciding I could be on time if I didn’t waste the couple of
minutes to pick up the paper, I left it...

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Alzheimer’s Caregiving: A Voice of Experience
At the end of January, my friend,
and mentor, Penny Braun passed away. Penny was my first contact with the
Alzheimer’s Association. When Jim first developed
dementia symptoms, I called the Mid-Missouri Chapter, located in Columbia. The
executive director, P...

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Seven Types of Love
When February 14 rolls around,
hearts and minds everywhere focus on love. Some look forward to the day with
unbridled anticipation, while others feel only trepidation. During our lifetimes,
most of us will experience both feelings depending on how life is g...
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