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+Chris Lacy have you had any reports of Link Bubble (Pro) 'minimizing'/closing the app in the foreground (returning to home screen) when the bubble is opened? Tried reinstalling, same behavior.

Moto X 1st Gen 4.4.4, bootloader unlocked, rooted. 

I use Nova Launcher but the issue occurs on the stock launcher as well. Perhaps a rogue Xposed module? Haven't done extensive testing of those yet..

thanks for the great app! Let me know if you'd rather I submit a formal bug report instead... figured you'd see this sooner
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Yeah I have actually seen that. I think it's an Android system bug to tell you the truth.
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finally picked up the game on the Origin sale.. just finished the training missions last night, any tips for a total newbie? West Coast here, on PC
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Well I'm on Xbox360, and west coast as well. I suggest for beginners using a suppressed maybe R101C carbine or suppressed compact 97 SMG. I'm now a generation 3 level 47 and I still used a suppressed R101C with a HCOG sight, cloak ability, satchel charges (arc grenades are great as well) and RE45 auto pistol as my sidearm. Any anti-Titan weapon is good but for beginners probably use the sidewinder 
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can anyone comment on expanding the RAM in the Yoga 11e? I'm SO CLOSE to upgrading from my old Samsung Chromebook, but paying $100 for 4GB of RAM seems kinda steep...
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Ken Yeh
+Brian Hinton We ordered about 380 Yoga 11e devices for our school. I've had at least 15 devices brought back to me due to wonky trackpads, and I suspect that there may be more out there that are having trackpad issues.

While I initially thought it was a software glitch, I'm now inclined to believe that it is a hardware defect. My guess is that this is from bad quality control due to Lenovo rushing the production of this model to meet school demand. I am in the process of documenting the issue (taking a video of the trackpad glitching) on these defective devices and then will initiate a service request with Lenovo to have them replaced.

I will try to update after I've worked with Lenovo on resolving this.
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"listen to.." "play me some..." command isn't working for me... unless I give it a song title, it simply searches for the artist/album etc in Play Music, but doesn't actually play anything... 

does any one else have this issue? I feel like this worked much better in Voice Actions back in Android 2.3!
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Joshua Kirchmer

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thank you, internet.
Daft Punk's entirely album in 8-Bit. 

#music   #geek   #geekporn   #daftpunk   #8bit  
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yeah.... "Touch" and "Give Life Back To Music" are great... really dig when you see him mouth "Give life back to music" because I definitely did the same thing.
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Joshua Kirchmer

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welp I got my C720P in it and all I can say after an hour or so of using is: WOW! This thing siiiiings compared to my old Exynos Samsung! The display is much better even tho it's still a TN (I'm sure the gloss of the touch screen helps) but I'm loving the speed!

But! With the added touch-ness... I find myself coveting the hinge of the Yoga 11e! 

Maybe you can shed some more light on this, guys: how much of a knockdown in speed would I see if I pulled a mulligan and went with the 4GB Yoga 11e? I've got a 14-day return policy on the Acer and maybe I should explore it? If only I could compare them side by side! heh

thanks for all the help, this community rocks!

EDIT: does anyone else with a C720P hear something rattle around on the inside sometimes? ..or is that just me? hehe
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+Joshua Kirchmer oh. Never even thought twice about it.
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Joshua Kirchmer

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welp, I did it you guys! I found a refurb Moonstone White C720P 32GB/4GB from the Acer Outlet on eBay and at a price of $259  couldn't find a reason to say no!

Ultimately I couldn't justify why the Yoga 11e w/ 4GB was worth another $200.. fingers crossed I don't regret the decision!

so excited to get out of the ARM world and off my old Samsung!
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If you have an Android phone you should pick up this; it really is a game-changer. Grab the pro version if you like it! Excellent work,  +Chris Lacy. 
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Joshua Kirchmer

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snag this, free today: especially +Helen Han +Scott Jackson 
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Joshua Kirchmer

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this photo.
This Machine Could Help Robots Stick The Landing On Other Worlds

Mission planners really hate it when space robots land off course. We’re certainly improving the odds of success these days (remember Mars Curiosity’s seven minutes of terror?), but one space agency has a fancy simulator up its sleeve that could make landings even more precise.

Read more:
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Joshua Kirchmer

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now if only more people would use g+...
Google is brining machine learning to photo search and Google+ photos.
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Human, Not Robot
preventing/embracing the technological apocalypse since 1988. also I enjoy editing movies, live music, and gummi bears.
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Today's Google Offer in Los Angeles - $14 for two movie tickets &amp...

Use at Grauman’s or Chinese 6 Theatres. Famed Hollywood landmark. Reserved seating. Not valid film’s opening weekend. On display at Grauman’

Smokey back patio. Play DJ on Tuesdays with Origami's Record Club. A haven for those looking for NYC-in-LA.
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First time I've ever felt compelled to commit to a yoga studio. Approachable, knowledgeable instructors. small classes ( and thus great student-teacher adjustments), and most of all: INSANELY GREAT MIXES. A welcome addition to the area!
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Great local alternative to the 'bucks
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A nice, if a bit pricey, place to take the date.
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