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Daniel Bongino
Former Secret Service Agent & NYPD, Contributing Editor @CR, GOP Nominee for US Senate, Podcast
Former Secret Service Agent & NYPD, Contributing Editor @CR, GOP Nominee for US Senate, Podcast

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For as far back as I can recall the media has gotten away with responding to sincere conservative arguments with insults and "framing." You're a Conservative, and you think that biological men should be using the men's bathroom? Then you must be framed as "transphobic." This allows the media to discredit conservatives without even allowing a debate to occur. Pres. Trump has decimated this media "framing" tactic, and they hate him for it.

This terrific piece perfectly explains the left-wing media's disdain for President Trump and "framing."

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Thank you! I don't have the words to adequately express my gratitude.

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So a judge just ordered Texans to pay for the abortions of others. Because liberals aren't happy with simply terminating life, they must ensure you pay for it too. Unbelievable.

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Dear Liberals,
So you "boycotted" Ivanka's products all the way to number one on Amazon. Nice job! I'm practically begging, can you please boycott my podcast too? Your juvenile, silly boycotts are really good for business and I'm certain that a good old-fashioned liberal boycott of my podcast would push my show's rankings into the stratosphere.


We've lost the courts. The courts aren't interpreting law anymore, they're making law. Here are two stunning examples:

1) When the Supreme Court ruled that the Obamacare penalty WAS a tax, they ignored Barack Obama himself who had vigorously argued in a nationally televised interview that it was NOT a tax. So, when it's a liberal agenda item the President's words do not matter.
But, in arguing against the Trump Executive Order on immigration the left, and their judicial allies, insist on bringing up Trump's campaign language about a "Muslim ban" even though the Executive Order says NOTHING about a Muslim ban. So, when it's a conservative agenda item, the President's words do matter.

2) When Arizona passed an illegal immigration law which mimicked federal law, the Supreme Court struck down portions of the law with Justice Kennedy saying that "the State may not pursue (immigration) policies that undermine federal law."
But NOW that liberals in the state of Washington dislike both the federal immigration law, and the Trump Executive Order it is based on, liberals are vigorously arguing for a state role in national immigration policy while the court's seem more than happy to comply.

I discuss this tragic hypocrisy in depth today on my podcast "The Renegade Republican."

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Liberals politicize absolutely everything. Public safety, national security, the economy, and even the NFL, have all been so politicized by the radical far-left that they've divided the country into those wishing for a better tomorrow, and the big government class craving only power and control.

It's a shame. What ever happened to the Party of John Kennedy which boldly stated "ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country"? How did they morph into absolute statists obsessed with kneecapping the individual in favor of the State?

I cover this and more in my podcast today, linked below.

Only a liberal would believe that a foreigner has the constitutional right to enter the United States at will, but that a Christian baker has no constitutional right to his religious beliefs. Liberals will gladly support jailing a court clerk, and bankrupting a Christian baker, without a second thought. The same liberals will then, hypocritically, turn around and foolishly invent a constitutional right to enter the country, whenever you want, as a foreign national.

The country is completely upside down. The utterly irrational is being portrayed by liberals, and their media pals, as rational. Thank God we won the election and we can start to clean up this mess.

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Liberals protested Reagan. Reagan won re-election in a massive landslide.

Liberals protested George W. Bush. George W. Bush won re-election by a wider margin than his initial election.

Liberals protested Governor Scott Walker. Scott Walker won both a recall election, and re-election, by wide margins.

Here's the bottom line; liberals are all show and no "go." Ignore their temper tantrum protests and they'll move on to another faux "outrage" campaign tomorrow. Let them continue to win the "protest" game, while we continue winning elections.

I cover this and more in my podcast today, linked below. 

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For your own safety remember that the most dangerous place in the world for a Conservative is next to a bunch of "compassionate" and "tolerant" liberals.

Never forget that these people worship violence because their entire ideology centers on the acquisition and misuse of power to destroy individual liberty and empower the state. They will scream at you, they will spit at you, they will silence you, they will physically attack you, and they will destroy your property.

Again, for your own safety do not be misled into believing that these are "tolerant" or peaceful people. They are only peaceful when you succumb to them and acquiesce to their totalitarian thinking.

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To be a liberal in the political modern environment is to be a HYPOCRITE. This is an axiom of today's politics. They lie so effortlessly, and their lies are repeated so often by their media lapdogs, that many impressionable Americans start to believe their garbage.

I could present a list of examples of here but I'm going to stick to this glaring one for now. Liberal NY Senator Chuck Schumer has been fake crying about the Trump travel-restriction Executive Order from terrorist-stricken countries yet he spoke out IN SUPPORT of a nearly identical policy implemented by Barack Obama. Don't believe me? Read the piece below.

Schumer is a liberal and Schumer is a fraud. But I just said the same thing twice. 
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