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Madeleine Hudson
Being social at Dell
Being social at Dell


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Learning to be a digital futurist
(First published 15 February 2016 on LinkedIn . #Iwork4Dell)  Soothsayers, mediums and astrologers throughout history have
claimed the ability to foretell the future but in a business world of digital
transformation, a reliance on bones and stones, crystal ...

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Sharing my lessons in social media and social branding insights

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Don't push brand - build a relationship
media means different things to different people - which isn't really
surprising when you think that each of is unique in the content we create and /
or curate. This was brought to mind again at work this week, with discussions
about what kind of con...

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Your voice is valuable - we’re all influencers and advocates
Time flies
– summer is on the way out – though it’s hard to believe with temperatures into
the 70s again. I hope you
all had a great summer and enjoyed some time off work. Today I’m
talking about the power each of us has to influence the buying behaviour of...

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Fist bumps ‘cleaner than handshakes’
You can
find the full story on this on the BBC here: Kissing is
bad enough! Do you do one, two or three? (And yes, at Dell, three is the norm
in some areas – seems to be Southern France.) Do you actually make contact ...

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Who are you talking to? Do you know? Defining audience persona on my social branding blog

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Who are you talking to? Do you know?
do you sell to?  New customers? Prospective customers? Return customers?           Are
they single, parents, LGBT; where do they live, what do they do for a living?           What
do you want to say to them?           What
do you think they want to hear...

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An A-Z of how social media is driving business change
Today, L
for listening Listening
is an under-developed skill and one that I feel should be taught in the same
way that we teach sales and presentation skills for example. My training
would involve the listener not being allowed to respond or to speak at all...

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Pet hates (not the furry, fluffy kind – I’m talking writing here)
What’s your
pet hate when you’re reading something?  We’ve
all got them and I’d hazard a guess that if I did a poll of 100 people there
would be a lot of similarities between them. It’s easy to fall into some
writing traps though so here’s my top three to a...

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A very basic guide to SEO, also known as search engine optimisation
New in role, I once asked my manager what SEO strategies we had in place. The look on his face told me very clearly that a) he didn't have a clue what I was talking about and b) there weren't any strategies at all. To be fair, he didn't come from a marketin...
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