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End of Summer - Weddings   Intimate Ceremonies!!!

#elopements  are simple, and sometimes they help to take 'those worries' away that is made from #weddingplanning    Leaving the essence of 'marriage' Caitlin & Taylor planned a 2 week vacation in their favorite spot in #emeraldisleNC   and, while incorporating their ceremony they were surrounded by friends and family! What a great way to end the summer!

This is a very sweet story, 3 years in the making.  

Boy and girl fall inlove, adopt SAM [the puppy] and become this sweet family... Now, they have become husband and wife.

Caitlin and Taylor spend their first date in Emerald Isle and so, it seemed just fine to have their ceremony at their vacation spot in #MyCrystalCoast  

The preparations and celebrations were held in the island.  Both of the couple's parents were present and daddy gave the sweet bride away.

Caitlin, designed her own dress and she wanted a stress free weekend, away from all the pressures of wedding planning.
So, a simple ceremony it truly was, still keeping details so cherished for the couple.

The groom, sported a bow-tie as well in pink and navy blue, with suspenders and Sam, the puppy wore a bow-tie in their favorite colors -

The bouquet was made by Petal Pushers in Emerald Isle, NC

The delicious cake was designed by SugarLoaf Island Bakery in Morehead City, NC

Catering was provided by Beaufort Grocery & Co, Beaufort, NC

Family and closest friends celebrated the couple's union and the family decided to lengthen their stay another week, this has been quite the amazing vacation/honeymoon.

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LPHOH | Emerald Isle Retreat 2016 | Allie Miller Photography | Emerald Isle Family Photographer -

+Little Pink Houses Of America  - Retreat - Emerald isle, NC 2016 - #happiness   #love   #pink   #livetolove  

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I have had the honor to have been photographed by +Peter Hurley  - and he made it simple for me to deal with my insecurities - He gave me no choice [he explained it in Hurley terms ] - He just made it simple to understand - PERIOD!
As a photographer - I NEVER photograph ME - Much less let others snap pictures of ME! Peter's heart and honesty and his #Psyphotology  - Allowed me to cross that GAP - and I am forever, indebted to my sweet friend Peter! This is a MUST watch.. and really.. WE must 'Get over IT' - All you are.. you will always be and you will always have!!!! Self-Acceptance PLEASE - #people   {in his tone}

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Very good reminder - life ;) #inspire

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He has enjoyed the beach even with all
The rain
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It has been a long journey after losing our black lab BO - has not been easy, but this amazing pup needed rescue and so we took on the job - meet Cesar

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The details from out vendors for weddings #floral #flowers #weddings
#avaloneventflorist in Morehead City,NC
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