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Ahmad Ashraf
3 months ago
I just comeback from there and it was fun. I had a chance to do base jumping flawlessly as my room doesn't have any windows. I'm fascinated how citizen here friendly and bow 3 times a day on a picture. Here the food are not provided as they encourage guest to do it yourself. Luckily I bring some instant noodle. Recommend for family trip !
Brendan Czuczuk
4 weeks ago
Beautiful Tower! I loved my stay! The leaky pipes on the ceiling made it feel like a rainy day, awesome! Then I went downstairs for food, they didn't have any! GREAT!
Marcus Smith
a month ago
Lovely stay, and one heck of a fun vacation! The all concrete interior and bare rooms and lack of running water and electricity really gives you a new experience.It got drafty at night, but my state appointed guide provided me with a luxurious prison cot and plenty of hay to pile on myself to stay warm. The service was great, as I was the only one staying in the hotel minus a few expats being held prisoner. There is even a restaurant on the top, it was outstanding.They provided me with a terrific ration of corn meal and grass, and in addition the gruel and fried rats/roaches were top notch. When out the hotel was nice enough to make sure I was constantly escorted by two angry looking armed guards who were dressed like 1960's soviets to see great sites such as, Glorious Leader Statues and military parades of stern looking malnourished soldiers. I got to participate in fun activities such as,forced labor, military training exercises,public executions and Dear Leader trivia. Did you know the Kim dynasty invented the world? fascinating. Highly recommended, def. going back, as they are holding my entire family hostage in the basement.
• • •
Michael Rotter
a month ago
Kim jong un was there too. I met him. He became fear when he saw me. He was yelling and crying. the hotel-direktor dropped him out.
amanda rice's profile photo
amanda rice
3 weeks ago
You know, this place is fantastic. Wonderful room service and a real homey atmosphere despite the looming monstrosity of a crazy glass building I saw when I landed my chopper on top. I got all the best weekends stay here and all 169 rooms booked! Couldn't believe my luck. I would def recommend to anyone willing to see such a great place in a great hotel. Nice echo too. In fact I think I accidentally booked all the rooms- didn't see any other ppl ??
Muhammed Nebi's profile photo
Muhammed Nebi
a month ago
I love my room on the 99th floor. The hotel was surrounded by 1,000 guards all dedicating their lives to make sure I never left the hotel. The service was amazing and the view of starving North Koreans, Death camps, Labour camps and people being executed. I was served nothing, but I had noodles. Which unfortunately were taken by the guards for being 'American' so they took the 'Instant Noodles' and went outside. Then they marked a big 'X' on the ground and put the 'Instant Noodles' on the 'X' then they threw nukes at it. They had TVs all over my room and giant radios every 5 inches/cm from me. There was only one problem, the TV and radios were turned on 24/7 with some big fat Asian guy talking something in repeat. I went to change the channel but the guards shot me so I got my nun chucks and battled them but then the police came and tied me to a rocket and shot me to USA. However the rocket just fell on them and they blew up. The Americans rescued me and put me back in Australia. I am in a hospital. IT WAS AMAZING!! I recommend this spot for a family vacation.
• • •
Zach Kamla's profile photo
Zach Kamla
a month ago
I am a genuine American who likes baseball and hot dogs, definitely not a fake account established by True Korea to produce propaganda. Despite mocking reviews, I can say that True Korea has achieved more than any other nation in construction of this glorious homage to fearless leader, Kim Jung Un. Some say this building was started in 1987, long before Un's rise to power, but his power transcends time. It is a crime to say that he didn't start construction on this building. I am the lucky American who got to stay in Ryugyong Hotel while visiting the paradise that is True Korea, where citizens dine on steak every night and definitely not shoe leather. Despite Western media saying terrible things about True Korea, the fact is that the nation is closed because if Americans saw that people lounge in luxury hotels and live in mansions and not ramshackle huts, they would depose their own government to allow True Korea to extend its benevolent rule over them. True Korea is a country with modern amenities, like electric stoves to boil water for drinking, and storm drains which remove the filth from the street when it rains, and the Ryugyong Hotel serves as another example of True Korean technology. So that's how the Ryugyong Hotel, now with genuine glass windows, shows that True Korea is much better than America and why we Americans should not think that it's a despotism one push away from all-out civil war and maybe we should consider becoming communist allies ourselves. In closing, please, send North Korea some grain, blankets, and medicine.
• • •
Wrinkle Burger's profile photo
Wrinkle Burger
in the last week
Horrible hotel I could hear hammers and drills as workers finished the hotel, I was detained for a few hours after complaining about the noise.