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Maxwell Utter
a month ago
Hey I'm agent DeCock from Pretoria. Oh my stay was incredible. After just getting parole I was fascinated by how much the world has changed in 20 years. They had their own gym with a back spreader, a rope up station and a waterboarding fountain. The pool was exquisite I can't believe they keep it at a -.1pH, it tingled my skin. The management wasn't that bad either. While I had to bow 3 times a day to every picture on the wall it was worth it to see the smiling faces of all those hotel staff wearing wires and national flag pins. I had the finest meat prepared by the prisoners in the death camps 100km away. I was a little reluctant to eat it due to North Korea's prominent recycling programme but I was won over. Original flavor. The only problem came when the camera monitor in my room showed the person in the next room changing. Apparently the 10 cameras and microphones and one way television they kept in each room had a malfunction. All in all, great trip.
• • •
Paul Yoshioka's profile photo
Paul Yoshioka
a month ago
Kim Jong Un is a little baby. I will fight him and destroy him. His haircut looks like a pile of fecal matter, and he submits his people to having the same one by law. Thats not even the worst part. The Hotel was absolute garbage. I personally challenge Kim Jong Un to a boxing match in witch I will kick his fat behind into a garbage can.
Timothy Yaussi
2 months ago
Great hotel and view. I love the grey, lifeless concrete buildings everywhere. Their Supreme Leader has this great haircut where he buzzes the sides. I heard the pompadour is coming back in style, Justin Bieber and Brad Pitt have one too now! If you look off into the distance, you can see the labor camps. It's so exciting! Juche Communism at its best! They get so hungry, one of my tour guides said the children will fight over kernels of corn that the pigs have ate and pre-disposed of! Yummy! Their Supreme Leader must really care about them. Awe! The whole city of Pyongyang has this 1980's Cold War vibe. They are so uber there! It's like going back in time! They even have The Interview on Pay-Per-View! But unfortunately, it's on an 18" CRT television set running at 480i...
• • •
Adam R's profile photo
Adam R
2 months ago
I love the interior of this hotel!!! It's the best in the world....................(not to mention i have two guards aiming their weapons at me). I came to this hotel during the winter, and I slept on the nice concrete floor, bathed in the gutter and urinated and deficated out the window, from the 99th floor. There was no heater which made things more comfortable for me. Who needs it heater when the Great Leader's Fat body keeps me warm. For breakfast I ate wonderful grass, dirt and brown water. For Lunch I had mice, snake, and tree bark. And for dinner I ate....nothing which was the best. My room was considered a luxury suite by North Korean standards because I didn't die or get tortured. Will I come back. YES!
• • •
Bailey Rocher's profile photo
Bailey Rocher
a month ago
I Loved it from beginning to end, when I popped my DVD smuggled into the country among other things i.e. The Interview they took the DVD and told me they were out of movies to watch so took it off me, the next thing I knew my head was whacked by a long stick, next thing i knew i was in a camp, where i was fed leaves for breakfast, dog for lunch & dead zombie for dinner, next thing I know I was starving and could see it, then i was on the North Korean TV News where some presenter was raving on about how bad america was. Then I ended up tied to a rocket and blasted off apparently into space next thing I know im falling into the pacfic ocean and US Marines rescued me for no reason. Later I found out i was trhe reason that North Koreas missile launch failed & I'm unhappy Kim Jong Un didnt sucedd in launching a rocket to the sun with prisoners on board.
• • •
Brad Harper's profile photo
Brad Harper
a month ago
I was traveling in the middle of no where and needed a place to sleep. All the other hotels were booked up for the holidays. They were so kind to take us in with no reservations. They even allowed us to stay on the top floor. Love the sunrise in the morning. I'll have to visit again one day.
Valentin Dachtler's profile photo
Valentin Dachtler
2 months ago
Lovely view, but there is that angry Asian guy on the TV all the time and that's not even it. He speaks through the phone I got in my room. There are pictures of him drawn all over the place. His voice echoes from the walls. Even in the street they got speakers with his voice on repeat 24/7. Somtimes they change the message. My translator told me that he is just telling everyone how much he loves them, but at night when I'm asleep, I sometimes hear his voice whispering from under my bed: "If you watch 'The Interview' I gon rek u m8!"
• • •
Sven Tjørn Van Der Sloot
2 months ago
I've been to a lot of great hotels, such as [redacted], [redacted], and even [redacted] but this one really takes the (colorless, odorless, flavorless) cake! First off, their Rewards Program is second-to-none! Earning a free night's stay is SO easy! Take my current trip, for example: I only intended to stay here overnight on business (I work in VCR / land mine sales -- Pyongyang is a BIG market for me) but the good folks here at Ryugyong Hotel have generously extended my stay an additional two years without my even asking! This trip has no end in sight! And let me tell you about their fitness center! It's great for people who love walk. It's about 105 stories tall and completely hollow. You could walk for days-on-end (as I am currently doing) without encountering another living soul! Thanks to this and the nutrition program their "trainer" has me on, I've already dropped 65 lbs.! Working out is quickly catching up to my current favorite activity, which is listening to my bowel movements hit the pavement after a 105-story fall! Who needs plumbing?! Are you a photophile? You'll love the never-changing view from the top floors that is conveniently unobstructed by windows! Just watch out for that breeze, lest you be blown down one of Ryugyong's cutting edge "zig-zagged" elevator shafts! Honestly, I can't say a bad thing about Ryugyong Hotel! No, really -- I can't! (Please tell my family I miss them!)
• • •