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Pyongyang North Korea
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Mary Alice's profile photo
Mary Alice
a week ago
Very interesting experience. Like others on here I thought it would be exceptional.. Pros: unique architecture, quiet and peaceful, great views from our top floor suite. However the cons were there was no food, the wifi sucked, very dusty, I got drugged and woke up in a cage, had to give some "naughty favors" to the manager/owner/country dictator to leave (I think his name was Kim something.. He's an a**). So yeah. I might be back.
Ronald Varela
a week ago
After reading so many good reviews on here, my girlfriend and I decided to stop by North Korea's most magnificent building, when we showed up to the hotel, there was no receptionist and the hotel was closed, there was a sign which we didn't understood. I can't believe they dont speak English or the very least l have English signs... ::ugh:: we tried to access the Internet (roaming) but we could only get pages about Kim Jong Un not defecating or urinating. Thanks everyone for lying on good reviews...
• • •
Lotsa Junk's profile photo
Lotsa Junk
2 weeks ago
I loved the experience. I was took to my room and I was on my bed but I can't remember anything else. I must have passed out! Then I remember waking up in this room with my computer infront of me and an officer telling me to do a positive review. I loved it! I have a great experience on memory. I was in that room because I was there for a year and they wanted me to write a review! But I have memories of them entering my room, flogging me and kidnapping me and then I woke up in that room. But it's all bullh0i[
• • •
No I.D's profile photo
No I.D
a month ago
Firstly, many blessings and good fortunes upon our great leader. This building truly reflects what he is all about and what the Korean people truly deserve. Lavish unfinished rooms, no doors, a bathroom hole and a water hose for that 'just clean' feeling after a long day crawling under tunnels in PyongYang. It truly was private as i remained undisturbed for the duration of my visit. 10/10 would go again
Dan Johnson
in the last week
The holidays were upon us and the DPRK beckoned . It had been almost a lifetime since I last vacationed in Pyongyang . I was probably 6 or 7 then. It was just as I remembered, but better. The Dickensian atmosphere was breathtaking -trussed goose and apple fodder pudding with parsnip dressing for the main course. Fennel and turnip parfait a. This hotel made Christmas a true holiday for all . We dressed in traditional North Korean frocks for supper. I never knew my wife's figure could be so accentuated by home spun pant suit complete with tube socks. The tablecloths was an issue though. It had an odor that would best be described as "manufactured in Passaic,Nj"!! The chemical funk was a bit off putting. The best part of the trip was the last day. By some sort of snafu or accident... We received a swell treat courtesy of the govt. it turns out that the bathroom in our suite had some sort of video monitoring system running the length of our stay. We were granted exclusive viewing of every bowel movement and teeth brushing event that had occurred. It was a true wake up call for me. I had never before realized that I tend to scratch my balls during my first piss of the day!!! I even received a haircut at the day spa for western believers. I looked like Moe from the Stooges , oddly my new Doo seemed to appease the hotel staff. Prior to being shorn, I had an inkling of their mistrust for Americans. After ... It was all good in the hood. The media paints this regime with such evil broad strokes. It really isn't the heads of state that create a Spector of doom and distrust. Rather the dog like sycophants in the streets that will "dime you out" to the police for a slice of wonder bread who are the real issue. All hail the fat cherub like douche and his doomed communist hermitage!!!! Btw. I hope North Koreans starve to death
• • •
James Watt
2 weeks ago
Had a awesome time with Kim , partied on big time got drunk as , shot some defectors at the shooting range and talked for hours about nuclear bombs and shiz , Kim the Great Leader is a bang up guy he wears cool suits and has the maddest hair cut he also loves basketball can't wait to come back again hooray for great leader Kim !!
Joseph Stalin's profile photo
Joseph Stalin
2 weeks ago
Couldn't have asked for a better experience. I was treated as an equal and as a guest. Mr Kim was very hospitable , and I was given a tour of the entire facility. Thank You I will be returning
Kuzey Isil
3 weeks ago