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Lotsa Junk's profile photo
Lotsa Junk
a month ago
Absolutely darling, I loved the hotel, soOH GOD PLEASE THEY'REH OLDING ME CAPTIVE LETM E GO AGH-much that I decided to stay for a year! The service was absolutely amazing! I loved it, and I wish i could-LEAVE, GO TELL SOMEONE, PLEASE, AGH- and-OH GOD, THEY TOOK ME, I WAS IN M ROOM, THEY CAME IN, FLOGGED ME, AND I FELL ASLEEP. THEN THEY TOOK ME TO THIS CONCENTRATION CAM-And i'd recommend this hotel to anyone out there! OH GOD, PLESAE! SOMEONE! OH NO, OH NOOO!
amanda rice's profile photo
amanda rice
4 months ago
You know, this place is fantastic. Wonderful room service and a real homey atmosphere despite the looming monstrosity of a crazy glass building I saw when I landed my chopper on top. I got all the best weekends stay here and all 169 rooms booked! Couldn't believe my luck. I would def recommend to anyone willing to see such a great place in a great hotel. Nice echo too. In fact I think I accidentally booked all the rooms- didn't see any other ppl ??
Mister Scott
3 months ago
I took my family here for the vacation of a lifetime. Well their lifetime. Before we got there I made sure to put Pro South Korea pamphlets in their luggage that we were given in Seoul so they could show the North how rediculous the South is. Once it was inspected, the very friendly hotel staff, who were dressed as soldiers for some reason, took everyone that had the pamphlets in their luggage to meet Dear Leader? I only heard gun fire in the city that first night. Not sure what that was all about. Anyways, While visiting the city, I was amazed at how effective the road works are. I didn't see any cars anywhere. A true testament to the sheer supremecy of their highway system that EVERYONE got where they needed so fast that cars were no where to be seen. The insanely hospitable North Koreans even put on full stadium shows just for me. ME of all people.. I was told my family that was meeting Dear Leader was going to get their own show as well. Simply Amazing. Well, I'm back at the airport in the gold ol boring US and waiting on my family to arrive. I hope they had as good a time as I did.
• • •
Muhammed Nebi's profile photo
Muhammed Nebi
5 months ago
I love my room on the 99th floor. The hotel was surrounded by 1,000 guards all dedicating their lives to make sure I never left the hotel. The service was amazing and the view of starving North Koreans, Death camps, Labour camps and people being executed. I was served nothing, but I had noodles. Which unfortunately were taken by the guards for being 'American' so they took the 'Instant Noodles' and went outside. Then they marked a big 'X' on the ground and put the 'Instant Noodles' on the 'X' then they threw nukes at it. They had TVs all over my room and giant radios every 5 inches/cm from me. There was only one problem, the TV and radios were turned on 24/7 with some big fat Asian guy talking something in repeat. I went to change the channel but the guards shot me so I got my nun chucks and battled them but then the police came and tied me to a rocket and shot me to USA. However the rocket just fell on them and they blew up. The Americans rescued me and put me back in Australia. I am in a hospital. IT WAS AMAZING!! I recommend this spot for a family vacation.
• • •
Angel Acosta
a month ago
So, these Koreans asked me to pay them a visit. They said they would put me up in a swank hotel, and set me up with 3 meals a day. I said "Cool" and the next week I was off. The "Swank Hotel" was this big pyramid joint with lithos of their leader pasted up everywhere. I figured it was a big deal, this "hotel". While I was checking in, these two yobs in military get-up snatched by bags and lit out. I thought they were taking by bags to my room. So I get to my flat only to find a CRT tele and a futon with the unmistakable butterfly stain of the beast with two backs. At that point I figured I'd make for the local Motel 6. I tried to get on the elevator, only to find the damn thing was fake. Four elevators and only one of them is real. I got on the real one and thought I would have a look from the top floor. To be succinct, there are only 3 floors in this hotel with anything in them. I made it to the lobby and asked the zip at the desk for my bags. He was very apologetic and said my bags were confiscated. I asked why and was told that contraband item were found. I knew what he was talking about because I had forgot to remove my fap mag from the case. A couple of zips in uniform flanked me and started to make angry gestures back to the elevator. I gave 'em my best Elvis smile and cold clocked Tweedle Dee right into Tweedle Dum. I picked up his AK and blitzed for the door. Bloody heavy those rifles are. I jacked a Taxi and headed for the border. I only made it about half way when the tank went dry. I took a lorry from a geezer and crashed the border gate. The South Koreans at the other side shot up my lorry, but when they saw me running they started cheering me on. I guess that is how Chuck Norris must feel? As I crossed the border I gave NK my best single finger salute and headed for the beer tent. I don't think I shall go back. I will say that if any lucky traveler comes across a slightly tattered July 2010 copy of Hustler Magazine while in NK, pause for a moment during your fap and think of me.
• • •
Ahmad Ashraf
7 months ago
I just comeback from there and it was fun. I had a chance to do base jumping flawlessly as my room doesn't have any windows. I'm fascinated how citizen here friendly and bow 3 times a day on a picture. Here the food are not provided as they encourage guest to do it yourself. Luckily I bring some instant noodle. Recommend for family trip !
Chris Robey
3 months ago
I loved the life size manequins of kim jong and kim il in my room! Pretty sure there were cameras in their eyes but i mean, c'mon, it's still pretty cool right? Also, view was spectacular. Loved waking up and seeing public executions in the morning because someone stole some eggs. Overall, would definetely recommend to anyone who likes seeing starving people and fake resteraunts everyday. 4 stars hands down! No seriously hands down, if they're up they'll execute you.
• • •
Jan Akkerhuis's profile photo
Jan Akkerhuis
2 months ago
Fml, i got stck in some chewinggum stuck to the elevator floor. I will eternally be changing elevation.