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Dave Buckney
Cycling from fat to fit
Cycling from fat to fit

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230 miles a day, that's one long commute!

Hello G+ my old friend.
On my ride this evening my front gear cable broke so I was stuck in granny gear for the 7 miles home. It was tedious.
Silver lining, means I'll have to disappear to the shed at the weekend to fix it.
Anyway I've always felt that I've had to use a lot of force to get up onto the middle or largest rings, which could explain why it snapped.
It is tiagra on a flat bar, so I push it with my thumb.
Is there anything wrong with the set up, or is this usual?

Recommendations for a Bluetooth heart rate monitor and app please. I want to get a bit more scientific about my training.
I know I could just try harder but I like feedback.
I've looked at the wahoo tickr.

Morning G+,
My bike needs a good clean so looking for recommendations for a cleaning fluid/degreaser and a roll of the big blue "toilet" paper.
I'm not worried about it being bike specific as that just seems to add to the cost.
Thanks in advance

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Dear people of G+, can you recommend reasonably priced prescription cycling glasses with interchangeable lenses for different conditions? 

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Dave Buckney commented on a post on Blogger.
I tried the Couch to 5K running program, but struggled with previous knee and ankle injuries. One of my friends said that we weren't designed to run so wasn't surprised I struggled, but I said that we weren't designed to sit on our bums all day putting on weight for 30 years and then try running.
Some interesting ideas in the article.

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Is this the best bottle of wine ever?
Picture of a bike on the label + a Tour de France bell.
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