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Total Loss – Frequently Asked Questions
What if my car is at the tow lot?
Tow companies will allow access to your vehicle for retrieving personal items and for inspection by the individual carrying out the valuation.
The insurance company’s compensation is lower than what I owe on my car. What do I do?
Check your automobile policy to see if you have gap insurance. Gap insurance will cover the difference in what you owe and the given compensation so you don’t have to pay out of pocket for a car you no longer have. If you are making payments on your car and your vehicle is totaled in a car accident, you will be compensated for the value of your vehicle before it was in the accident. We all know cars depreciate once you drive off the lot, so you will probably be given less money than what you owe on the car. It may be worth it to invest in gap insurance as a precaution!

Being involved in an accident is unfortunate, inconvenient and particularly stressful. However, if you remember the abovementioned tips, you could potentially save yourself a great deal of frustration and disappointment!
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Total Loss - Frequently Asked Questions
How is a total loss determined?
The actual cash value (ACV) of your vehicle is compared to the cost of the property damage. If the cost to repair is around 75% of the ACV, the vehicle will most likely be totaled. The determination is mathematical.
What is the actual cash value of my car?
The value of your vehicle pre-accident is determined by the Kelley Blue Book.
The insurance company is not offering me the value of my car!
The insurance company’s valuation for your car is usually not the same as your own. Your valuation is usually higher than what the insurance company wants to pay for it. Getting your own written valuation of your vehicle is a more effective method of increasing your compensation. The key with getting your own valuation is that your totaled vehicle needs to be inspected during this process. Usually, your vehicle will be in the possession of the insurance company and you may not have access to it. After a car accident, if you feel that your vehicle will probably be totaled, it may be proactive to get the valuation of the car immediately after the accident and before the insurance company takes possession of your vehicle.
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The maximum penalty for driving on a suspended license in Maryland for your first offense is 1 year in jail and/or $1,000 and a possible 12 points on your driving record.
Here are a few reasons your license may be suspended
-DUI conviction
-Failure to pay child support
-Failure to attend driver’s improvement program
-Failure to pay a civil judgement
-Failure to pay a speeding ticket
-Failure to pay out of state tickets
If you need help reinstating your license please call 301-363-1604
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PIP is an acronym for Personal Injury Protection.
PIP pays for the medical bills and lost wages for people who are injured in a car accident.
PIP pays for your medical bills on top of whatever the at fault party’s insurance company pays. This is a classic double recovery permitted under Maryland Law.
This coverage is for only those individuals who were in the vehicle...

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PIP Coverage in a Car AccidentPIP is an acronym for Personal Injury Protection.PIP pays for the medical bills and lost wages for people who are injured in a car accident.PIP pays for your medical bills on top of whatever the at fault party’s insurance company pays. This is a classic double recovery permitted under Maryland Law.This coverage is for only those individuals who were in the vehicle, including passengers that the PIP policy covers.Maryland residents can apply even if the accident occurs outside the State of Maryland.It is limited to the amount of coverage the policy carries. Generally the minimum is $2,500 per individual. PIP can also be purchased in the amount of $5,000 and $10,000 per individual.Maryland PIP only pays 85% of lost wages.Medical bills submitted are reviewed for reasonableness, the full amount is not automatically paid.PIP is an inexpensive component of a car insurance policy and therefore it should never be waived.PIP coverage can be denied if claims are not properly and timely filed with your insurance company. Contact your insurance company immediately after a car accident and request that they send to you the PIP forms.
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Always Call the Police after a Car Accident

Too often after a car accident, one of the drivers will readily admit to be at fault and offer to pay you out of pocket. They will beg you not to call the police promising to repair your car for you. It is the biggest mistake you can make because once you leave the scene of the accident you will discover all the contact information you received was fake. Even if you can track them down, without any police report it becomes an uphill task proving they are at fault for the accident.

Always call 911 after an accident even if there is no damage to any vehicle and no one appears injured.
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Happy New Year to you and your family!
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Waiting until the last minute to get a lawyer

Some of us push things to the back burner when it is unpleasant, and we don’t want to deal with it. Being in denial unfortunately doesn’t make the situation go away, it will still come as scheduled. If you need a lawyer for a criminal or traffic case start looking early. Retaining a lawyer well in advance also gives your lawyer more time to work on your case. For some of us delay is a reflex action, but you can change it to taking action.
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How to recover lost wages in car accidents.

Did you know that if you are not at fault for a car accident you can be reimbursed for your lost wages? You will need a letter from an HR personnel stating how much you make an hour and how many hours you lost from work due to your injuries in the accident. Your reimbursement will from your PIP payment and/or the at fault insurance carrier. Even if you used your sick leave/vacation to cover those days you are still entitled to recover your lost wages.
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After An Accident See a Doctor within 72 Hours

For Your Health:
If you have been in an auto accident you need to see a doctor to examine you and treat you if necessary. Often times, injuries are not immediately external. Let your health care provider tell you if you are injured or not after an examination.

For Maximum Compensation:
Insurance companies add value to your claim for personal injury if you see a physician with 72 hours of an accident. A delay in treatment may significantly reduce your settlement amount from the insurance company.
For more information please call 301-363-1604.
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