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Big Star "Thirteen" with Jody Stephens
This is a collaboration with Choir! Choir! Choir!, and it is pretty fantastic.

I was listening to Tom Power on CBC's program 'q' interview with Jody, and was delighted to hear them mention that this existed.

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DaGaimez 2x Games Giveaway
This month, Al is giving away 2 games... and if you win, it's any flippin' games you want!

Last month Daemon won, and he chose Elite: Dangerous (wise choice, CMDR!)... and this month, it could be you!

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Elite:Dangerous - Free Powerplay Decals Pack
Frontier is giving away their Powerplay decals for a limited time - so jump on it now.

Simply log into the store, and add them to your cart - no payment method will be asked for.

Some of the decals are great, as well - a nice addition for everyone, even if you do not participate in the Powerplay game mechanics.

h/t to CMDR +Ian Jefferies for the heads-up

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Full Throttle Remastered
Well, this is certainly exciting news - it is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and PC.

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July Talk - Live Intimate Concert
+CBC Music made the full July Talk studio concert available as a single 45 minute streamable video.

July Talk is a five piece band from Toronto, and with their 2nd album release fall of 2016, they are back and sounding tight.

Check out their electric performance, and hear listen to them perform a collection of songs from their two albums.

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DaGaimez is back for 2017, and along with the great gaming content, Al continues to bring the Any Game You Want Giveaway this month!

"What games does Al play?" you ask?

Well, there's plenty! However, the games Al plays that I also watch/play/follow are: Star Citizen, Elite: Dangerous, Hearthstone, League of Legends, Minecraft, DooM (2016), and GTA V... but this is just a taste of what Al delves into.

Check out DaGaimez, and join our growing community... and take the time to subscribe and get in on the giveaway!

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DaGaimez: Xmas Giveaway
The year of giving continues at DaGaimez!

Al is giving away any flippin' game you want for Xmas... and getting your name on his list is as easy as ever!

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Quick, Draw! - Test Your Drawing Skills
(and Google's neural network)
Google has released a webpage where you can test your drawing skills... and it tries to guess what you are drawing.

It gives you 20 seconds to draw an requested item. As you draw, it starts to guess what you are drawing.

Are you skilled enough to draw things in 20 seconds? Is Google smart enough to figure out what your scribbles represent?

Find it out on Quick, Draw!:

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Reporting the News in Star Citizen
DaGaimez has another great SC video on the idea behind reporting/streaming/communicating the news as an in-fiction/game mechanic.

At first I was not sure that this would be a game mechanic that I'd be interested in, but after watching this video, hearing Al's thoughts on what Chris Roberts himself has said he'd like to see in the game, and examining what this could mean for players in Star Citizen... I think this could be a role that would be very interesting to play.

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Cray Cray Giveaway - Xmas Edition
+DragonsGaming  is back with +DaGaimez giving away a ton of games, StarCitizen ships, and more!

How much more? Check it out... and then ask yourself "Are You In?"
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