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Tish McDermott
Jewelry artist, dreamer, believer in the goodness of mankind, and a bit of a throttle junkie
Jewelry artist, dreamer, believer in the goodness of mankind, and a bit of a throttle junkie

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All The New Gadgets!! Loop Making Pliers
I am so out of the loop when it comes to specialty tools. I am so old school :) I saw a video for these pliers on Firemountain Gems Facebook page this morning and WOW!! It appears to be the tiniest bit of a learning curve to get the hang of these pliers.  F...

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Updating My Etsy Store - Etsy Algorithms - Photos And More
The struggle is real folks. In my area of talent and creativity, there are just some things that elude me - photography and descriptions to be more exact. Having an issue with these two things in an online market place, it can make selling difficult. At fir...

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Emerald - The Stone for May
For all the May birthdays - Happy Birthday!!! Emerald is the birthstone of May. May is one of the months that only has one birthstone. As a boho style jewelry designer, emeralds are something I don't have the pleasure of working with too much, until now :) ...

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Pancakes and Booze in Raleigh - Tonight!!!!
I am so excited to be a vendor at Pancakes and Booze in Raleigh at the Lincoln Theater tonight!!! There will be lots of artist there, lots of local vendors there, live music and pancakes and booze!! Here is a blurb from their site "As you may have guessed, ...

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March - Make It Month! Butternut Squash Soup
March is National Craft Month, why can't cooking be your craft?!? That is what I am doing today on this rainy Saturday One of the Dr's at work was going on about a soup she had made, and told me about it because it was a vegan recipe.  It sounded delish, an...

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National Craft Month - Mahogany Onyx Necklace
This is the newest off the bench. Mahogany obsidian and jasper necklace. I love the deep colors, the burgundies, and pinks all mixed together. Made it as a multi strand necklace and added fun metal components to it. Mahogany obsidian is for inner strength, ...

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March is Craft Month - Crocheted Slippers
March is national craft month, and this month all of my blog posts will be of something I have made. My goal is at least 3 things a week. Let's Play! Lasts night I did some surfing on YouTube and found several tutorials on how to crochet a slipper. These sl...

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March is National Craft Month - I Totally Forgot!!!
I completely dropped the ball on National Craft Month!!! Ok, so we are three days into the month, so I am not that far behind. I can start today! I had several ideas that I wanted to start in March, and thought I still had a week left! Ok, so do you follow ...

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Amethyst - The Stone of February
Amethyst is February's birthstone - that's a given. Amethyst is more than purple and shiney and faceted in a pretty setting. Amethyst is the stone of peace Amethyst is in the quartz family and can be found all over the world, and with great abundance in Bra...

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Pantone's Colors for Spring 2017
These are the top 10 colors for Spring 2017 according to Pantone , and I love them! When I work on my designs, I use the metaphysical properties of the stones to relay an energy to the wearer, to offer healing to the soul. There is more to it as well, like ...
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