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Darragh Brady
Writer, Music Producer + MD Kusha Deep Music
Writer, Music Producer + MD Kusha Deep Music


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Road Tales has arrived Hard-copy finally in my hands. If any lovely people fancy going on a journey with me and having a read about some seriously cool people I met while on tour round the world between 2002- 2006 please let me know and I will get a copy out to you. There £6 plus P + P if you pay pal for the time being I will sort it out
I Feel Good Like You Know I Should! So Good I Got You!!
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Music to get you feeling all Cool N Sexy

Night Stepper Remix Film
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Big Thanks to the following Radio Stations for picking up on the Pre Release Heart Shape Pill. The video is getting some serious feedback on You Tube so thank you if your commenting.

Ultimate 365 Radio USA - new music rotation
Indie 365 Radio USA - new music rotation
Rock 365 Radio USA - new music rotation
Elite 365 Radio USA - new music rotation
Full Impact Radio USA - new music rotation
Midwest Broadcasting Network USA - new music show
Control Radio - new music playlist
Uckfield FM - FutureSounds
216 Cleveland Radio - new music playlist
Ipswich Community Radio - Roll On
Highway Rock Radio (USA) - new music playlist
937 Dayton Radio - new rock playlist
513 Cincinnati Radio - new rock playlist
Radio Woking - Crossing The Tracks
KB Radio (Canada) - new rock playlist for one week
Hailsham FM - Premium Blend Show
SRB Radio - Biscuit Boys
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England get 6 and I get a nice review on the Pill single.
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Keep those reviews coming folks. Big Thanks to you.
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MTV Rock Interview
Q1When and why did you start playing?
Int: Started playing drums when I was 6 or seven stealing paint brushes from school and banging on tins in the back garden
2.Which famous musicians do you admire? Why?
Int: I always admired John Lennon for his ability to write a hook line even on tracks like John Sinclair. Prince is my all time hero and will aways be by number go to artist when I need a reality check, just the best and both sadly missed on the planet in an age of digitally produced artists.
3.Were you influenced by old records & tapes? Which ones?
Int: The Beatles again from Rubber Soul through to Sgt Peppers still have them on Vinyl. Prince Sign O The Times, a master piece. I was really into my Reggae as a youth and loved the Studio One Jamaican sound, so Studio One Classics is a go to choice on a sunny afternoon with some Jamaican Rum.
4.Who are your favourite musicians?
Int: I love the musicians I work with, like Harvey Summers one of the best producers and studio cats in the world. He has some killers records out like 'Human' + Jupiter you want it real it don't come realer than that, plus he co produced my EP 'Dirty Lil Secrets'
5.Have you been in competitions?
Int: I don't really do competitions with other musicians I just put out the best records I can. Having said that I did win Rock Song of The Year on a Radio Station in LA a few years back. As I said its not about awards its about Choons that people want to chew.
6.Do You Tour?
Int: I toured the globe with other acts and solo and wrote a book about it called Road Tales check it on Amazon.
Q7.What makes your kind of music feel good to you?
Int: I just love messing with genres making something new out of nothing. The buzz of being in the studio mixing a killer tune keeps me coming back for more.
Q8.Why did you choose to play this kind of music
Int: The music chooses me I just try to get it out of my head and onto whatever I can record it on.
Q9.Let’s Talk about your music and your last work
Int: Music needs to speak up for itself I let the music talk and I just raise awareness for other issues when I get the chance, I was brought up to believe that Music and Art can change the world for the better, when its allowed too.
Q10.How do you feel about the internet in the music business?
Int: The internet is just the best thing ever to happen, ok so where not selling records anymore but you can do so much more to reach people than before when you had to rely on Majors to get your music out. I was signed to EMI and it wasn't that great as you had to do what you where told, now you can do what you want.
Q11.What are the plans for the future?
Int: I want to help as many causes as I can and use what I do as a platform to reach the world and people closer together. When we stand as one we can move mountains, when we stand afraid of each other we fall in front of them.
Q12.How has your music evolved since you first began playing music?
Int: The music just keeps getting deeper with every release I put out, I just want to make people Happy so I strive to improve everyday in order to keep the global ear exited.
Q13.Could you briefly describe the music-making process?
Int: I just hear stuff in my head when I am awake or sometimes when I am asleep, I dream music sometimes and when I open my eyes I grab a mic and lay down whatever it is. Then I just build up the tracks from there. I am really into telling stories so I am visual as well as musical.
Q14.Whats Coming Next
Int: The EP Dirty Lil Secrets on Kusha Deep Records.
the lead single is out in the UK 29th June Heart Shape Pill
Promo Video
Its a Big Time Rock n Soul vibe with some Dirty House remixes. Plus the book 'Night That Jimi Died' which is about a girl who is able to channel the spirit of Jimi Hendrix and becomes the biggest Rock Star on the planet is out on Amazon now.
‘The Night That Jimi Died’
for more info
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If I am not sitting on your Bookshelf sending you Positive Rays on a daily basis or taking you on a epic Journey through your Kindle then we are missing the chance to enhance each others Imaginations. Time for some Literal Love my friends.
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Billboard me up baby
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Night That Jimi Died Back Cover Design
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