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Kate Driskell
Questing for health and enjoyment, with a side-order of control-freakery and harsh goal setting.
Questing for health and enjoyment, with a side-order of control-freakery and harsh goal setting.

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Race report: Regents Park 10K
First race of 2018; woohoo! Mornington Chasers run a 10K race series through the winter season and I wanted an early race for this year to kick things off, see where I'm at with my speed work and just have a bit of fun really. At £19 for non-affiliated runn...

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2018 Is Shaping Up!
2017 was a difficult year for running. At the start of the year, I ran Country to Capital for a 3rd time and it was an utter death march to get to the end of it. My slowest showing on that route, despite the pretty good conditions. I needed to grit through ...

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LEJoG 2017 - The Second "Half"
The Second "Half",   uncut, from Facebook posts as they were published... Day twenty-two, part two. The disused railway from Innerleithen to Peebles is great for most of its length. Flat, even surface, vegetation trimmed back and a couple of lovely new brid...

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LEJoG 2017 - the first 22 days
The first 22 days, uncut, from Facebook posts... Day one done!  More adventure than expected for "the easy introduction" day. Three detours, two electric fences, a million bunnies, a slow worm, lots of furry caterpillars, two barbed wire fences, five locked...

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Race Report: Suunto RunWimbledon Marathon
What a lovely race! Set up on a grassy clearing on Wimbledon Common, the start/finish/registration area was like a mini festival! With a gorgeous gazebo containing a live music act, a couple of sponsor stands (one by Suunto, the headline sponsor, who were l...

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Race Report: Seattle Craft Classic (half marathon)
Mr TOTKat and I discovered a while ago that it's really great fun to enter a local race when we go on holiday. And with the total lack of expectation on the day, we often pull out our best times - double win!  Since starting a job which involves a reasonabl...

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LEJoG 2017 - Getting Back on The Horse!
This time next week I will be on a train up to Edinburgh to change to a train to Galashiels, then a bus to Innerleithen before getting on my feet to John o'Groats. Yes! I'm finishing the job! The little line on this map will get all the way to the top corne...

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LEJoG 2017 - looking back and forward
Thanks to @benunsworth for making this brilliant map! If you don't follow me somewhere else on the Internet, the latest is that I had to stop after 21 and a half days due to excruciating pain in my leg, most likely tibialis anterior tendinitis. I tried to r...

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LEJoG 2017: 2 weeks to go, final tests & checks
2 weeks to go and this is the last weekend that any training will make a difference to fitness levels on the day that I start this thing.  Having had 5 days with no training due to a combination of a cold that hit me hard and fast and transatlantic travel f...

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LEJoG 2017: the final month preparation...
One month to go! Route plotting is done.  Kit is mostly locked in, with a couple of changes to test before completely finalising.  Training mostly done - in so far as you can train for this sort of thing.  And now it's a great time to talk about the charity...
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