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Google Product Expert for YouTube, Google+, AdSense, Blogger, Hangouts & Project Fi
Google Product Expert for YouTube, Google+, AdSense, Blogger, Hangouts & Project Fi


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Where to find me and the Weekly Update

A few people have asked me where I'll be going with the shutdown of Google+. I'm not planning to leave Google+ imminently, so can still find me here :)

I will continue to post the Weekly Update on my blog:

You can subscribe to my blog updates by email:

You can subscribe to just my Weekly Updates by email:

(Verification is required for email subscriptions)

I also share everything on Twitter, and I will continue to do that after Google+ closes:
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Tips to succeed in Google News

If you want your content to appear in Google News successfully, follow these tips:

* Present clear headlines
* Provide accurate times and dates on your articles
* Block scraped or rewritten content - make it original
* Avoid duplicate content
* Be transparent about who you and your authors are
* Don't be deceptive

Google News Content Guidelines:

Google News Technical Guidelines:

Get all the detailed tips from +Google Webmasters for succeeding in Google News:
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HootSuite support for Google+ ends January 28th

On January 28, authentication with Google+ will no longer be available. In Hootsuite, this means no longer being able to add or reconnect Google+ pages or profiles. Signing in to the dashboard and mobile app using the Google+ sign-in option will also intermittently fail starting January 28. Any messages scheduled to post to Google+ after January 28 could also fail to publish.

If you use Google+ sign-in for HootSuite, make sure you also have an email and password set so you can continue to sign in.

Note that this is related to the shutdown of the Google+ API on March 7th, with possible "intermittent failures" beginning January 28th.

Read the announcement from +Hootsuite

+Buffer is removing Google+ support on January 25th:

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Gigantic data breach exposes 773 million emails and 21 million passwords

Have you been pwned?
Gigantic data breach exposes 773 million emails and 21 million passwords.
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AdSense wants feedback on their social media presence

I do appreciate that +Google AdSense is active here on Google+
We want to start off the year right – by hearing from you.

Please take a moment to tell us how we're doing by filling out this 1-minute survey. We are constantly striving to provide the best social media experience for our publishers. This is your chance to let us know!
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Google raises prices for G Suite Basic and Business Editing for the first time

G Suite - or at least the core cloud services offered by G Suite today - is more than a decade old and is used by more than 4 million organizations.

The one thing that hasn't changed over this time is price. Today, we are announcing two incremental list price updates to reflect this value. Starting on April 2, 2019, G Suite Basic Edition will increase by $1 (from $5 to $6 per user/month) and G Suite Business Edition will increase by $2 (from $10 to $12 per user/month), or the local currency equivalent where applicable. These increases will apply globally with local market adjustments for certain regions. Pricing for G Suite Enterprise Edition customers will not change.

Learn more: New pricing for G Suite Basic and Business Editions

Compare different editions of G Suite
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Newspack by is a new platform for small digital news organizations backed by the Google News Initiative

Partners include Spirited Media and News Revenue Hub and is funded by Google News Initiative and other programs that support journalism:

Today we’re excited to announce funding for a new platform, Newspack by, aimed at small- and medium-sized news organizations. Google, through the Google News Initiative, is taking the lead in backing the project and has committed $1.2 million. Other funders include The Lenfest Institute for Journalism, which is contributing $400,000; ConsenSys, the venture studio backing Civil Media, which is contributing $350,000; and The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, which is contributing $250,000. An additional $200,000 from a fifth source is expected to be contributed toward the project later this month.

What's the goal? Google explains:

Journalists should be writing stories and covering their communities, not worrying about designing websites, configuring CMSs, or building commerce systems. Their publishing platform should solve these problems for them. So while Newspack publishers will have access to all the plugins created by the WordPress developer community, the core product is not trying to be all things to all publishers. It is trying to help small publishers succeed by building best practices into the product while removing distractions that may divert scarce resources. We like to call it "an opinionated CMS:” it knows the right thing to do, even when you don’t.

If you are part of an interested small or medium sized digital news organization, see the official Newspack blog post for instructions how to sign up:

Applications are due by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time (UTC -5:00) on February 1.

Read the announcement from +Google

Read the announcement from +WordPress
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BTS Documentary Burn the Stage: The Movie is coming to YouTube Premium, will premiere January 18th

Watch the official trailer:

More info (in Korean) on the YouTube Korea blog:
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YouTube strengthening policy enforcement around dangerous pranks & challenges and Community Guidelines-violating thumbnails and external links

Violating the Community Guidelines may result in a strike. Three strikes within 90 days means a channel is terminated.

* Custom thumbnails: egregious violations of the Community Guidelines, for example graphic violence or pornographic images, will result in a strike, even if the video itself doesn't violate the Community Guidelines.

* External links: any site you link to must also comply with the YouTube Community Guidelines. Now adding links to external sites that egregiously violate YouTube - for example pornography, malware, or spam - will lead to a Community Guidelines Strike.

* Dangerous pranks and challenges: YouTube prohibits challenges presenting a risk of serious danger or death, and pranks that make victims believe they’re in serious physical danger, or cause children to experience severe emotional distress. Again, violating this policy may result in a Community Guidelines strike.

An overview of the changes:
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Google Docs, Sheets and Slides getting a Material Design makeover on desktop

This will provide the same look and feel as Google Calendar and Gmail.

Learn more on the +G Suite Updates blog:
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