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Hey friends! I'm so excited to finally share with you what I and many others have been working on tirelessly to release:

Hangouts in an instant: Video chat without downloading a plugin

Starting today, we're rolling out an update that makes it easier than ever to start Hangouts video calls with your family and friends! You'll now be able to launch Hangouts in Chrome without having to download and install a plugin. Just click to start the Hangout, allow Hangouts to use your camera and microphone, and you’ll be good to go!

This update is now available for all Chrome Dev and Canary users, and will be rolling out to all Chrome users over the next few weeks. If you've been meaning to connect face to face with your loved ones near and far, give it a try and get going with just a few clicks!

EDIT: This update is now available for all Chrome users, stable and beta included. Google Apps domains are also included now too. Enjoy!

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Chrome mean the chrome browser in Windows OS? 
Only for Chrome or also Firefox and other standard compliant browsers?
Great news! Congratulations to you and your team. I wish you many bee-themed things :)
Ugh, proprietary NaCl is no better than a plugin, it's just a plugin that only runs on Chrome. Very disappointing.
+Jan Wildeboer WebRTC is a standard, NaCl is Chrome-only. The key feature, video communication, is WebRTC, so it will probably work everywhere, sooner or later.
Will it land in Chromium too?
+Victoria Kirst  +chee chew - Excellent news! Can you tell us when Hangouts and Google voice will be merged? Or at least made equal to the CURRENT iphone version? Why isn't the Android version getting any love??
doing the happy dance on top of the plugins grave.  ;- ) 
Does this mean that the Hangouts extension is no longer required?
+Domenic Denicola I'm guessing there will still be a plugin available for browsers other than Chrome. And as for NaCl being proprietary, my understanding is that it is actually open and the Chrome team would love for other browsers to implement it, but none have. So basically this makes life easier for Chrome users and no worse for every one else. Correct me if I'm wrong +Victoria Kirst. ☺
+Domenic Denicola I had hope for a second it'll run in IE11-12 plugin free- considering Google has no official apps on WindowsPhone or even in the Windows Store RE Win8 but alas..
Maybe Msft can work something out in their next browser
+Ronnie Bincer That means those without G+ can join in I think but no mention of Hangouts on Air.
Do a screen capture of the Hangout window and send it to YouTube Live then you will have Uberconference even on your recorded show.  MAYBE
I've been waiting for this for 2 years! THANK YOU GOOGLE!
(I hope next up is phone calls on Android via Hangouts!)
+Bill Baxter "the Chrome team would love for other browsers to implement it," that is almost word-for-word what MSFT used to say when they released their own "open" browser features that would advantage their own products.
So will this mean that each time you want to start a Hangout you will need to allow camera and mic and those who want to join you will have to join you from the hangout nav panel or will they get the same allow box if you give them the direct URL +Victoria Kirst 

And if someone doesnt want to allow everytime they start a hangout is there the ability to click "remember" so it defaults to allow the next time they hangout?

Also does this mean someone can join a HOA without the plugin or only a private video chat?
+Craig Long
why should people be able to join without g+? just make it free on all browsers and give it a login function....
Are you guys planning to bring this to other browsers and move from using NaCL to some browser agnostic solution?
not sufficient for my asus chromebox.... 
"Yes, we are using +WebRTC and some NaCl technologies." What is NaCL being used for? NaCL is technically a sandboxed plugin.
You will still need a plugin on ie and Firefox. This is only for chrome.
WebRTC is also working on the Beta version of Chrome.  I deleted the plugin and Hangouts is working.
Hangout require more innovation and enhancement. If you had used Facebook Messenger , you will notice that it was sleeker and intuitive UI and beautiful sticker. 
+Craig Long I don't think this changes anything re. needing a G+ account in order to be inside the Hangout or HOA.
Hey folks! Really inspiring to hear your excitement :)

A few clarifying comments:
- +Carol Dodsley The "Allow" or "Deny" permission property is sticky, so you only have to make a choice once and Chrome will remember it (part of your Chrome profile).
- +Ronnie Bincer We're rolled out fully to Dev and Canary Chrome, Chrome OS, Chromium. We're rolling out partially on Beta and Stable, but soon all Chrome users will get this. 
- +Carol Dodsley Yes, this change also applies to Hangouts on Air.
- +Jan Wildeboer For now, we are starting with Chrome and other browsers will continue to use the Google Talk Plugin for Hangouts. 
- +Thomas Bohn Glad to hear it's working well for you on dev channel. If you have any trouble though, please let us know! We would love your feedback.
- +Domenic Denicola and others: Bear in mind that software is an iterative process and we have to start somewhere. Other browsers are making amazing progress with WebRTC, but not all implementations are the same yet. Getting at least Hangouts on Chrome working without a plugin, using WebRTC and a touch of NaCl, is a big step in the right direction, but by no means our last step :)
+Victoria Kirst  I'm so disappointed with Hangout performance and progress since it launch on 2013 May Google I/O. Now, I saw someone New on board,so, I count on you..
I'm running Chrome Version 37.0.2062.3 dev (64-bit) and when I try to launch a hangout it prompts me to install the Google Talk plugin:

Google Talk (2 files)
Name: Google Talk Plugin
Location: /opt/google/chrome-unstable/pepper/
Type: PPAPI (unsandboxed)
  MIME types:
MIME type Description File extensions
application/googletalk Google Talk Plugin
Name: Google Talk Plugin Video Renderer
Location: /opt/google/chrome-unstable/pepper/
Type: PPAPI (unsandboxed)
MIME types:
MIME type Description File extensions
application/o1d Google Talk Plugin Video Renderer
For your information I already know a stable user where Hangouts without plugin reach its account. It works, for the time being.

+Sam Bliss Read the comments more carefully.

+Ho Hong Heng Since I/O 2013, UI got redesigned; moods and call indicator was added to desktop; SMS/MMS are available on iOS and Android; phone calls can be received in Nexus 5 through Hangouts; we can make phone calls on iOS via Hangouts (and even receive calls if you’ve Google Voice); animated GIFs works on Hangouts; we can draw on a photo or on a blank picture, then send the photo; new tools to moderate and control an Hangouts on Air; new settings for businesses Hangouts; sharing a place through Hangouts became possible; Live Questions & Answers was added in Hangouts on Air; Hangouts video calls became in HD; new service Helpouts…and this list is not even exhaustive. This is not enough in 1 year? What more you need?
+Gerald Cox Try Beta which is working for me without the plugin on Hangouts.
That's strange... isn't Beta now at 36?  I'm running the current unstable which is at 37 and should already have whatever code is required to make this work - unless they have a code regression issue.
Yep.  It says this tab is using your camera and microphone.  On the tab is a red circle and a camera icon is in the address bar to select my devices.  But I started a Hangout on Air by typing this into the address bar:
Try clicking on that link and see if you get the red circle on the tab and a camera icon in the address bar which would mean WebRTC.
+Gerald Cox 
+Craig Long +Gerald Cox You mix Beta and Dev. Beta is 36, Dev is 37. Beta and Stable is rolling out according to the post, while it is already rolled out to all Chrome Dev users, so some will get it on Beta, but not all.

Don’t forget the cache and cookies, also.
+Lunix Watt Yeah, I'm running the latest Dev and it isn't working for me.  When I try Hangouts prompts me to re-install the plugin.
+Craig Long Thanks for the link, but doesn't work.  They probably got a code regression issue.  I think +Victoria Kirst posted the announcement a little too quickly...
+Victoria Kirst - this is awesome awesome news.

I know there are a million use cases for Hangouts and it's impossible to make the progress everyone needs. However, as very heavy Hangouts users at a large research University, this is very good progress to what I hope is a future where Hangouts can integrate with our enterprise videoconferencing infrastructure (without the disappointing Vidyo link).

Thank you for your hard work. Your team is doing amazing things.

As a very heavy personal Hangouts user, I'd like to beg and plead for feature parity with my friends on iOS. The ability to integrate my Google Voice account with my Hangouts is really the last thing I'm waiting for to make my Android experience complete.

+Gerald Cox We're at 100% dev channel so it should work - by any chance are you using a non-gmail email address? We are only on gmail domain right now. If you're using gmail and still getting prompted for plugin can you a) file feedback and b) message me with the contents of chrome://version? Just copy/paste the entire thing. Thanks!
Can we get a standalone Hangouts client that doesn't lag out if you happen to have too many windows open?

Something like having the Tablet interface (chats down the left, only one visible at any time) but in a Windows and/or OSX application shell.

Chrome integration is great for the first hour, and then the memory leaks and bugs grind even your normal browsing to a halt.
but i want keep my hangouts extension because i want start hangout conversation where i want, not just inside a gmail or google+, or does this the same (chrome hangouts button on the toolbar?)
+Victoria Kirst Thanks for the clarification.  Yes, I am using a Google Apps domain so that explains it.  
+Victoria Kirst You should edit your post and explain that this does NOT apply to people using Google Apps domains.  Many other blogs are now quoting this post and leaving the impression that this works for EVERYONE... as you pointed out in your comment to me, this is NOT the case.
This should make it easier for all my friends who refuse to install the plugin or who can't figure out how to download the plugin. 
Thank you, +Victoria Kirst for the update.  Is this a step toward integrating Hangouts with Google Voice, a service which is core to my daily workflow?  I sure hope for more from Google on this much needed integration.  
+Victoria Kirst Great news, thanks for the hard work! We also are heavy HO users but in a non-gmail domain (google apps for business). When do you expect this to work there?
This is very good news, however it should be supported on Firefox as well, as it .  Also, is video actually accelerated on Linux now?
Is this change for just "New Hangouts" or also for "Old Hangouts"?
Needs to interoperate, i.e. without NaCl. And need to be able to record!
That's very cool but Iam hopping it will do everything itself to download on to my head anyway thanks I give it a try I can do is try Sincerely Yours nicola owen
Any word on when this will be rolled out to non-gmail domains using Google Apps?
This news seems very good. At the same time however, Hangouts still suffers from a lot of bugs when simply chatting with people who are using something else. It is causing a huge amount of confusion because it appears that messages are completely dropped and seem not to arrive at all in many cases. I really hope these problems will be fixed soon.
If anyone is still reading this, some users don't see the allow button. It would be good to have an arrow or something pointing at it. (Or more text describing its location)
I just tried to test this out in Canary (Version 38.0.2084.0 (64-bit), OSX 10.8.4) and it still prompts me to install the plugin.

What is the requirement ? Chrome browser version ? Do we need to active the new Hangout ? ...
Hope you will extend it to webRTC compatible browsers like Firefox
As +Victoria Kirst  making announcement on 28 June and I assume that it would be available on Chrome stable version by now.. almost 21 days and still counting :-)
My Mac's fan always comes on during a hangout, which says to me that it is really heavy-weight.  All my coworkers experience the same thing.  With WebRTC, does this still happen?
+Domenic Denicola I think it's better than a plugin because it's more convenient. I also think Chrome is the best browser (try it!) Here are the extensions I have been using in Chrome (I use a Chromebook):

AccessToGo (Fastest Free RDP Client)
The fastest free remote desktop / RDP client app for Google Chrome and Chromebooks
AdBlock 2.7.7
The most popular Chrome extension, with over 15 million users! Blocks ads all over the web.
Chrome Remote Desktop 36.0.1985.63
Access other computers or allow another user to access your computer securely over the Internet.
Google +1 Button
+1 and share a web page, anywhere you go on the web.
Google Docs 0.7
Create and edit documents
Google Tasks (by Google) 1.0
Official Chrome Extension for Google Tasks
Google+ Photos 1.300.1
Upload and share photos from Chrome
gUnify Click to Dial 2014.620.1625.1
gUnify - Free Broadsoft Click to Call
LastPass: Free Password Manager 3.1.43
LastPass, an award-winning password manager, saves your passwords and gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device.
Office Editing for Docs, Sheets, and Slides 37.108.1712.612
View and Edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files with Docs, Sheets, and Slides
Pushbullet 88
Pushbullet makes it easy to send push notifications of links, notes, and more to your Android devices or to friends.
Replies and more for Google+ 2.29
Adds reply and reply-to-author buttons to Google+ comments and a number of other enhancements.

Screenleap 4.0.0
All-in-one tool for sharing your browser window and taking screenshots
Smart Clipboard 1.0
'Store and Search' - Stores multiple content copied from web and then allows to preview, copy or run a search on those saved texts
Synergyse Training for Google Apps™ 1.1.17
Synergyse provides interactive, in-application training for Google Apps™.
UberConference 2.24
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+Victoria Kirst:  with dev and canary you meant M37 and M38 respectivly, because perkj's multi-resolution getUserMedia (crbug/346616) is only available there?
+Victoria Kirst: is there any way to check the status of the rollout?  My and Apps accounts are all still requiring the plugin to be installed.
Great, with the Chrome beta it works now - thanks !!  Dell Venue 11 Pro & Hangouts ;-)
the deployment is very much dependent on Chrome Browser update. I think +Victoria Kirst  had announce too 'early'
+Victoria Kirst any idea when this will role out to the apps domain?  Seems ideally suited to enterprises (like ours) where the plugin has not worked in the past :)
I would like to know what version of Chrome it will be baked in. As of today I still need the plugin/ :(
I even installed Google Chrome canary version 38.0.2104.0 and it wants the plugin as well. 

One thing it says
If your company uses Google Apps, you may still need to download and install the latest version of the Hangouts plugin to make video calls using Chrome.

What version of Canary,
I was trying this last week and it was still needing a plugin

you should not need any of that. normal chrome should be good enough.
Phew, alright everyone, we've made it! We are now at 100% of all Chrome users, for Gmail and Google Apps users. Please try it out if you haven't already!

If you're having any trouble, please file feedback through the Hangouts interface. I'm personally very interested in device issues, like mic or cameras not working, so definitely shout out if you are experiencing those problems. Thanks, and happy hanging out!
+Victoria Kirst how about poor video quality, drop connection, , taking much bandwidth on Android especially we are on pricey data plan, what is the recommended connection speed for optimum video hangout?
This has been working great, but tonight latest Chrome stable and I'm being asked to install a plugin.
Is this using a standard or is it part of the proprietary stuff that Google bakes into Chrome? Will it be available on Firefox or Chromium?
I need help with my YouTube page I have a green Lock on my YouTube page.i been trying to figure out how to get the green Lock open but I don't know how..
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