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Where does scientific society money go, and the future of open-access
There's been a bit of a storm on Twitter  recently about PLoS, open
access, and scientific societies. One underlying issue seems to be what the
"return on investment" is from publishing in different venues. I've held leadership positions in 3 major societie...

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Dear Reviewer 2...
Dear Reviewer 2: I thank you for the review of my manuscript, though it was
rather brief. I understand you think this "isn't the strength of advance
necessary to publish" in the journal to which I submitted, but why did you
take 6 weeks to decide this when ...

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Tour of Ben & Jerry's factory in Waterbury, Vermont, USA
Ben and Jerry's Factory in Vermont
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Wizard World 2015 in Raleigh, NC
Wizard World 2015
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When do we REALLY have too many PhDs, and what then?
Recently, NPR ran a suite of stories ( sample1 , sample2 ) on biomedical PhDs either leaving academia or not having academic jobs available to them. I teach a class to entering PhD students, and many of them expressed concern about both the general fear bei...

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DragonCon 2014
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Darwin Day Google+ Hangout #hangoutpost

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Putting College Under the MOOC Microscope
Another year draws to an end, but not before yet another"MOOCs aren't as good as college" story slips into the media (NPR, in this case) . Amazing
insights are present there, like that MOOCs don't provide as much personal,
face-to-face interaction as one ca...

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