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Aishwarya Shenolikar
Your dreams should be inspiring enough for people to aspire them.
Your dreams should be inspiring enough for people to aspire them.

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Reader Survey.
Hello Readers, As you know 2 weeks back, I took a break from blogging. There was just a lot going on. Now, I have some ideas of how to come back to blogging. Since, I have always been thankful of the blogging community, I'd be grateful if all my fellow blog...

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A Break.
         I have been blogging for over 2.6
years now and it has been an amazing journey. The girl who only scribbled in
her diary about her boring life became the girl who published short stories
that people could relate to. The amateur diary scribbler beca...

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Why Me? (Monday Moments #100)
Recently I watched '13 Reasons Why'. Obviously, it touched my heart and
made me think. Before watching it, I had decided what my 100th post would be
about and this just gave me reason enough. My earlier post was about love  and
the one before that was about...

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Unambigious Deviations. (Monday Moments #99)
          They met on an online dating site and
decided to meet for a first date without much meaningless texting. Instead of
any usual first dates, they decided to do something else, something fun. They
ditched the classy meal at a 5 star restaurant which ...

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What Best Friend Is For. (Monday Moments #98)
          In the middle of
their drinks conversation, Susan said, "I want to see you happy. And
Ashton makes you happy." After listening to this, at that moment, Ashley
said, "No. Look at me now. I'm insanely happy right now and that's only because
of you, ...

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When Quotes Understood Better Than Friends. (Monday Moments #97)
          On just
another casual Saturday night, she was in her bed, watching marathons of TV
shows as she browsed through Pinterest. Nothing sounded more fun to her than
doing this. Most people would be out partying, dancing and socialising; but not
her. S...

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Was It Even Worth It? (Monday Moments #96)
Age 22: She woke up. Went to her
post-graduation convocation. After 17 years of education, she was ready to get
a job, start working and earning. Age 22 to 25: She got up at 6 AM. Had her coffee and
went for a jog. She came back, packed her lunch, had break...

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Falling Out of Love. (Monday Moments #95)
          She had loved him the most she could.
She was there with him through his bad times and good. She crossed fires for
him. She helped him through his breakup. She held his hand in his
depression. She made him a major portion of her life. And now, aft...

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It's Easier to Quit. (Monday Moments #94)
          It was simple to give
up than to keep going. It was the easier choice. For an athlete, giving up
practice for one day is simpler than going in the field to run for 8 hours. For
a financial advisor, skipping one day is easier than going to his offi...

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Just You. (Monday Moments #93)
          It is because of
those sudden moments that either leave you surprised or shocked. Those
surpirses when your friends show up at your home at 12 AM because it's your
birthday. Or those surprises when your boyfriend shows up at the foot of
your build...
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