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This is some next-level memeing.

Hey Google+ Game Players,

Would any of you be interested in writing guest posts for a new blog about tips & tricks for each of the Google+ games? I'm starting the blog, and I think the knowledge that'd come from a collective would no doubt far outweigh what I could come up with alone!

If you're interested, let me know!

City of Wonder now lets you send gifts back from the gift-accepting screen.

So now, if you want something specific (i.e. whatever I'm not sending to everyone each day), you should send me that item and I'll be sure to send it back!

Feel free to reshare if you have CoW circles!!

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Hello CoW players! Let me know if you are playing City of Wonder and if:

-You need gifts
-You need allies
-Help with marvells
-Help with goods

This is a public City of Wonder post, if you like share it. You can also share your CoW circles to me :) This is important to me, so i can add you to my CoW circles.
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