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Blog Post #16 -Final Reflection Video

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Blog Post 5 Part 2
My PLN has definitely grown over the semester. On my first post, Symbaloo was my only PLN, that has changed drastically. Now I have Symbaloo as well as other people in the Mobile County school system. Laurin Tew, is one of the women that give me advice and ...

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C4T #4
Beth Knittle Beth's Blog The first post I read from Beth was about education. This was my favorite post because it is true and it relates directly to an experience I am going through right now. College doesn’t take 4 years like advertised. Another thing she...

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Blog Post #14
Teaching Can be a Profession by Joel Klein 1. Giving more school choices to families, using technology, adopting a knowledge-based curriculum, starting education before age 5. (Intro problems)
2. Professionalize teaching.
3. Seniority problems. 1. When aske...

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C4K November
Amber, 5th Grade, South Africa Amber's Blog 1. Frogs are first tadpoles.

Then they grow legs

They eat flys

They have long red tongs
They stay in and out of water.
As well as a picture of the frog lifecycle. My response: Hey Amber! My name is ...

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Project 12 Part B

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Blog Post #13
List 5 Assistive Technologies that can be used in the Special Education classroom. Explain how a child can use them during class. Include source or sources that were used. 1. Speech recognition software: this technology converts talking into typing, making ...

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Blog Post #12
Shayla McCorvey's Contribution:In the video, Teaching a Mom What Her Deaf/Blind Child is learning on the iPad is video of a
teacher giving instruction to a parent on how to work an Ipad if they
were deaf or blind. The teacher says, the parent should place ...

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Project #10

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C4T #3
Post #1 The first post that I read was about how standing desks can help students focus in the classroom. I was taken back when reading this because I have never heard of a standing desk. How cool? My first comment was: Hey! My name is Alex and I am a stude...
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