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Kirk McCormick
Seeking to embrace and show the heart of God...
Seeking to embrace and show the heart of God...

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"But Now" - A Message from Ephesians 2:11-22
Hello Friends, Words Matter! In fact, they can change your life. There are two seemingly innocuous words in Ephesians 2 that can go unnoticed, yet are so profound. They are... ...BUT NOW... Paul is comparing life BEFORE Jesus and AFTER Jesus.  He lists the ...

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"But Now" - a Message from Ephesians 2:11-22
Hello friends! Words matter!   In fact, they can be life changing. There are two words in Ephesians 2 that are, perhaps, the most important, life-changing words when we grasp their significance.  Those words are - BUT NOW Life before knowing and after Jesus...

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"Escaping the Tired Life" - a Message from Ephesians 1:9-14
Hello friends, It's been a while since I shared a message as I've been traveling over the past few months.  But now I'm back with this message that I hope will be helpful. So many people live the "tired" life. Exhaustion may be the epidemic of our day.  As ...

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"The Unchecked Ego" - A Message from Daniel 4
As we have just endured another political season, what more relevant topic is there than the Unchecked Ego. Many, especially those in power, believe theirs is a right to do as they please without regard to the wishes and will of God.  But God will not be mo...

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"Maintaining a Pure Conscience" - A Message from Acts 22 and 23
Hello Friends, Have you ever had that "guilty feeling" wherein you know you've broken God's moral code?  Some call it a gut feeling while others describe an inner voice that speaks to them.  God has installed a conscience in each of us. Through this conscie...

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A Message about "True Inclusivity"
Hello friends, If you are like me, I grow weary about the elevation of "diversity" and "inclusivity", as if they are the highest virtues and values of our culture.  Since diversity just "is"...meaning, we don't have to work on it since it is simply a part o...

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The 7 "C's" of Sharing the Jesus Story - A Message from Acts 22:1-21
Evangelism ...the very word brings terror to the average Christian's heart . Yet does Sharing the Jesus story  need to be so imposing? Paul has arrived back in Jerusalem, and his visit did not go unnoticed. Many radical Jews, especially from the Sanhedrin, ...

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Interview with Jason McCormick at the US Olympic Swimming Trials
Here is an interview from the Florida Swim Network that Jason did right after swimming in the Olympic Trials. He finished 44th making him one of the fastest swimmers in the country.  Pretty neat to think of being in the top 50 of anything in the country.  A...

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"And the Crowd Goes Wild!" - a Message from Acts 19:21-41
Hello Friends! How is the church suppose to react to the dialog about moral issues when the world bases its arguments primarily on emotion, not facts? I love Acts 19.  Paul spends two years in Ephesus ministering in one of the most pagan cities of his day. ...

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"Powerful Signs" - A Message from Acts 19:8-20
Hello Friends, It's nice to share this message with you today as I believe that God has more of himself and his kingdom to give than we often receive. In Acts 19, God has directed Paul to Ephesus, one of the most "sophisticated" cities of Biblical times.  T...
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