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Anne Aretz
Marketing at Moment Design, NYC
Marketing at Moment Design, NYC

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Buy the iPad 2 or the Macbook Air? (+Eric Aichele I know your opinion)

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Love Penguin Books and love this piece.
"Good design is no more expensive than bad." A brief history of Penguin book covers

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Spotify or Rdio? I have both, but I got to say, I am a much bigger fan of Rdio...

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Why the existing iPad magazine don't work. At least in his opinion. Do you agree?

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So interesting to learn the story behind the name.
How Tech Companies Got Their Names

Glad Packard lost the toss. PH? There would be all sorts of chemistry in their ads.

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A different type of Times Square tour.

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Talk about a fun way to generate electricity. Maybe also help with obesity?
Brilliant concept: sOccket - a soccer ball that captures energy from kicking, dribbling and throwing. Kids can play a game, then bring the ball home and charge a LED lamp, cell phone or battery.

15 minutes of play = 3 whole hours of reading light to study by. Remarkable.

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Friday afternoon hilarity. Oh this is amazing.
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