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New today on my blog for +CIO  - proposing solutions for improving the tech industry's diversity. I'm looking at you, Facebook, with your dismal numbers and poor excuses this week.

A culture invested in innovation will actively require a diverse workforce to meet business needs because diversity makes us smarter, increases our creativity, creates better products and sustains an open, collaborative culture. Visibility matters when we are potentially leaving millions in profitability and trillions GDP growth on the table.

#tech   #diversity   #womenintech  

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Samantha Bee is on point: Other Female Firsts Covered Like Hillary Clinton's Historic Nomination

DEC, 1903
OSLO, Norway — “Ignoring voice vote, rigged Nobel Prize committee hands award to Marie Curie.”

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My new blog for +CIO: To overcome obstacles for women in tech, women can augment their professional lives and mentoring relationships with one of the most powerful tools for clarifying ambitions and reaching goals: executive coaching. #womenintech   #tech   #leadership   #coaching   #leanin  

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"I’m inspired by people who are willing to challenge status quo without propagating separation, violence, and fear."

A new post on ‪#‎ClimbYourOwnLadder‬: Amber Barnes, CEO of StartHuman. Amber envisions the workplace where we bring our whole selves, visible and truthful, and for which our best human ideas are put forward. ‪#‎womeninbiz‬ ‪#‎entrepreneur‬

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Lynzie’s gift is her ability to capture the soft, velvety plushness of a flower petal, the magic mischievousness in a puppy’s eye, and the vivid sparkle of love between two people. Her art has a deeper meaning when you get to know the why behind Lynzie’s work, and the how on where she got herself today. Lynzie’s story reminds me that with big risks come big rewards, in life and in art. Meet an artist of light, Lynzie Hazan. #ClimbYourOwnLadder #WomenInBiz

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My newest post for +CIO​ magazine is up! Let's move beyond the encryption boogeyman, shall we? The biggest threat in cybersecurity is the human element. Behind every piece of data is a human actor, either friend or foe, which means that human nature and relationship-building should be the essential components of your security strategy. Women are proven transformational leaders who can create transparent, collaborative organizations that operate under a shared security vision.

#womenintech #womeninSTEM #STEM #tech #security #cybersecurity

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‪#‎MorningMotivation‬: A great post from Gwyneth Paltrow's goop about the importance of ‪#empathy. #Love #LoveFirst #HumanityUnited

Throughout the book, you suggest that you’re weary of social media. Is this primarily because it promotes self-obsession?

Empathy in the digital world is a big challenge. Most social networking apps are designed to connect us with people who are similar to ourselves... My hope is that the next generation of apps will be just as good at connecting us with strangers... it is time to move from the Cartesian age of “I think, therefore I am,” to an empathic era of “You are, therefore I am.”

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#ClimbYourOwnLadder It is the week of (American) Thanksgiving, and the world needs us to help heal. A call to action: #FlowerYourFeed‬ by following Casey on Instagram and your social media feed will be filled with the healing power of flowers and inspiration. After last week’s brutal attacks in Paris, France, a video of Angel Le explaining the inexplicable violence to his young son went viral. At the end of the interview, the child turns to the reporter and says: "The flowers and the candles are here to protect us." So succinctly put: only love can save Paris... and save all of us.

Meet Casey, gifted florist at VEIL Event Design and entrepreneur: "I believe there's more power in love than in hate, fear, ignorance, or violence. It's truly the most powerful force of all, and our world needs it everyday."

Happy Thanksgiving, my loves. #LoveFirst #LeanIn

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Proud to share my first article as a contributor to +CIO Magazine.  Smart machines will be the most disruptive technology in the next 10 years. Women can guide visionary organizations into the future with new strategies and re-defined leadership. Please read on and share! 

#WomenInTech   #Women   #Tech   #Leadership   #ChangeTheRatio   #LeanIn  

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