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He's like the wind.

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1948 Sommer & Kaufmann San Francisco Seals Baseball #5, Kenneth Gables
"Regional issues" remain an interesting, and often elusive, aspect of type collecting. Most often, regional sets start with a local business trying to expand in their market. They'd license some photos of the local players, print a modest number of sets, an...

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Goudey's many "Babe" Hermans and George Herman "Babes"
If you wrote a book about Goudey Gum's 1930s trading card sets, at least one chapter would talk about the many,  many times they squeezed multiple cards from a single photo. Here's a quick look at the guy who got that treatment more than any other, George H...

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1935 Diamond Stars uncut test sheet and the rarity of #68 Sam Leslie
In 2013, a Net54 collector shared this photo of an uncut test sheet from the middle of National Chicle's 1934-36 "Diamond Stars Gum" set. You can't tell from this side, but it's a classic of both baseball and Art Deco design. Backs comprise #61 to 72. This ...

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Bobby Doerr
Sometimes when I'm down, I remember Bobby Doerr ( our oldest living HOFer, now 99 ) started his pro career in 1934. ...when this guy still wore pinstripes. 1934 Quaker Oats premium, Babe Ruth ...and then I feel better. Hope you all have a good week.

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Today's the day!
HAPPY Happy Chandler served a long life in politics and earned a Cooperstown nod as MLB's second Commissioner of Baseball. As coda to Jackie Robinson Day this weekend, Wikipedia notes that Happy Chandler's " most significant action " as commissioner was app...

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1916 (D329) and 1917 (D328) Weil Baking Co Baseball #5, Leon "Red" Ames and Fred Anderson
Louisiana! Home to endless choices for great food, great music, and Joanie on the Pony . Joan of Arc statue -  (c) Ashley Merlin Louisiana! Erstwhile home to one of those food choices, Weil Baking Co. , and their paeans to baseball, the 1916 D329 and 1917 D...

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Top 5 Photos from R313 National Chicle "Fine Pen" Premiums
The 1930s produced great vintage sets, including some of my favorite individual cards. 1933 Goudey #155, Joe Judge Those blue lines and bloused uniform, wow. Such clean, outstanding work. Hand-tinted, line-heavy figures like this Joe Judge reflect similar A...

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1980 AL baseball TV broadcast slides #5, Earl Weaver
I recently asked Twitter, are these cards ? Computer-driven graphics hadn't taken over sports coverage in the 1970s and 80s, so TV producers leaned on still photos when they needed an inset or single-player highlight. For example, did Weaver get tossed out ...

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World Series 2016 Giveaway Winners!
Gonna sneak this post in before game 7 ends to avoid the rush. :-) Another World Series Hero WHO WON:   My recent World Series giveaway wrapped up neatly. Run totals for game 4-5 (7-2 and 3-2) were 14 runs. Congrats to John Hogan , who got closest at 13! Ru...

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World Series Game 4 and 5 Card Giveaway!
I will guess that it's been a year-plus since I gave cards away on this site, which is a year-plus too long. Let's turn this World Series of Baseball into some fabulous prizes. WHAT YOU DO There will be at least two more games, so predict the total runs sco...
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