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It's me again Margaret...
It's me again Margaret...

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I was raised by a United States Marine. I'm proud of that Marine. He taught me values, morals, and ethics. He taught me to stand by my convictions. He taught me to believe that we live in the greatest country in the world, where anything is possible. He taught me to have faith in the United States of America. I lost that faith tonight. I'm sorry dad. I hung on to it with everything I had, for as long as I could. Good night. :(

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The NYPD is currently evicting #Occupy from Zuccotti Park. This is a link to the livestream.

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"We're a nation that was built on a thousand different utopian ideas, from the Shakers to the Mormons to New Harmony, Indiana. It was possible, once, for communities to experiment with everything from free love to an end to private property. But nowadays even the palest federalism is swiftly crushed. If your state tries to place tariffs on companies doing business with some notorious human-rights-violator state – like Massachusetts did, when it sought to bar state contracts to firms doing business with Myanmar – the decision will be overturned by some distant global bureaucracy like the WTO. Even if 40 million Californians vote tomorrow to allow themselves to smoke a joint, the federal government will never permit it. And the economy is run almost entirely by an unaccountable oligarchy in Lower Manhattan that absolutely will not sanction any innovations in banking or debt forgiveness or anything else that might lessen its predatory influence."

A great time for a great price, OR, What Left Turn Laverne does with her weekends.
by Mark Shelden

(This is the blog I wrote back in December about Roller Derby, with a few updated edits, that got me my job as South Florida's announcer. I still wouldn't mind getting it published professionally somewhere...)

There are very few places these days where a woman has an opportunity to be smart, strong, and sexy all at the same time. But in Ft. Pierce there does indeed exist such a place, and at Skate Town USA every month, the women are all those things and more. It's the flat track Roller Derby.

Here in Ft. Pierce, that means one thing: The South Florida Roller Girls.

Roller Derby has changed a bit over the years. Today, womens Flat-Track Roller Derby has been legitimized. Gone are the fanciful pre-scripted "sports entertainment" derby shows of the past. Womens roller derby has been reborn. It's a brand new sport that has grown by leaps and bounds over that last few years, especially here in Florida, where you can find a host of great teams like The Bradentucky Bombers, The Lakeland Derby Dames and The Tampa Bay Derby Demons. Make no mistake, todays flat track Roller Derby is all sport and the athletes who love it play to win. Racing around the track in roller skates, helmets, knee and elbow pads, and not much more, these women compete like demons possessed. Slamming into one another, knocking each other across the track, making room for their teams "Jammer", and trying to kill the other one.

They come from all walks of life. Wives, mothers, students, teachers, fire fighters, and business women. With 'derby names' like Hellborn, Back Draft Betty, Hitty Perry, Noodlez, Kelljoy and Speedy Gon Crackmouse, they celebrate their strength, their beauty and their athleticism every month like no one else can. And no matter who scores the most points, they always make sure that the real winner is you.

But don't take my word for it. See for yourself.

On at least one Sunday every month, the South Florida Roller Girls will head down to Skate Town USA in Ft. Pierce and take to the track. With tickets priced at $10.00 at the door the night of the bout, or $8.00 to get tickets in advance from Skate Town or from your favorite butt kicking derby girl, the flat track roller derby weighs in as one of the best values for your entertainment dollar anywhere around.

It's a chance to see the toughest, smartest, most attractive women on the Treasure Coast bring skate to um..track.

Seeya there!

Copied and pasted from my facebook:

It's still a jump to the left...
by Mark Shelden on Sunday, 30 October 2011

I went to the Rocky Horror Picture Show with a couple of family members tonight and I had a great time. But, as I sit here combing enough rice out of my hair to feed a third world country, my brain is sifting through mountains of memories that are threatening to explode out of my ears. The complimentary 'grit'. The hazards of falling asleep. "I just want you two boys to know, Jesus loves you." Chilling at an after show gathering the night Paul Ferrara came in and informed us that Sam Kinison had died. Chasing the Nazis out of the parking lot with a cinder block. Out drawing 'Interview With The Vampire' the night it opened at the Festival. Being woken up every morning by Trish and Melanie with "Coffee". Here's one I'll never forget:

Angie: Hi Mark. Tell Mike he's hot as f@#k for me.
Me: Ok. I'll tell him. (turning to Mike who is standing behind her.) Mike, Angie says your hot as f@#k.
(Mike and I spend the rest of the night laughing, Angie, who was maybe 14 at the time, spends the rest of the night blushing.)

A lot of memories. A LOT of them.

I was a part of the Rocky Horror Picture Show for fourteen years, from 1992 through 2006. I worked with every cast on the east coast of Florida from a VERY brief stay in West Palm, all the way north to Titusville. Two of those casts allowed me the privilege of directing them. More than half of my friends list are people I met at Rocky, including the people who are today, my family. I even met my Future (ex)wife there. It was a crazy time. We were celebrities. We were on the radio. We were in the newspaper. We were on TV. We were stopped for autographs. We could scarcely walk out our front doors without being recognized. We were treated like rock stars and we acted like it too. We worked hard, and played harder. Every day was a party at the "Rocky house". Sleep was unheard of. Yes, there was even the euphemistic "sex, drugs, and rock n roll". It was a hell of a ride and we took it as far as it would go, sometimes way farther than we should, lol. Did I say we acted like rock stars? Hell, we WERE rock stars. So when we arrived at the theatre tonight I was hoping to see some old familiar faces and yes, I couldn't help but wonder if we would still be recognized.

It was all new faces, and no one had the slightest idea who we were.

You know, I'm ok with that. In fact, I'm quite happy about it. Don't get me wrong, I'm proud as hell of the time I gave to Rocky and the people I worked with (more about them shortly), but it's nice to see Rocky moving forward with new faces, new talent, and new ideas. They shouldn't remember us. Our time has passed. We moved on with our lives while they picked up the ball and ran with it. It's there time now. God bless them all.

As for me, I'm content to live in anonymity, with the knowledge that even now, on any given Friday or Saturday, I could pull together a cast just from my friends list, and, without breaking a sweat, blow there doors off. During my time, I got to work with people like Patricia Laster, Joseph West, Shanan Cummings, Chris Erwin, Bob Roma, Jim Millspaugh, and, and, MY GOD! SO many amazingly gifted people. I could go on and on. In fact, I will. Suzanne Costner, Angela Dean, Mike Ferrara, Vicki Lockard, Rob Carlson, Tanya Payne, Jayme Merchant, Sara Ferrara, Melissa Romaniak, Ed Colon, Karolyn McDonald, Chris Allen, Bill Cassinelli, I could do this all day and all night. Anybody who doesn't see there name should take a bow in the comment section. You deserve it. Guaranteed every one of these people still know there parts. I could 'put the band back together' and they would still rock on seconds notice.

My hats off to the new faces at the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Enjoy the ride. You have a great look and a great atitude. I wish you all the success in the world. But I wouldn't trade my memories or the people I've known. Not for anything in the world.

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‎**All Protesters** Register to Vote Now make sure that we can vote the Problems out of office. REGISTER TO VOTE make sure you are heard. Lets do it Right cover ALL bases.

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This bears repeating:

"The greatest hoax of the last couple of decades has been the ability of the right wing to co-opt members of the struggling lower middle class and lower class and pretend they speak for them while enacting policies that enable the super-rich. They’ve used wedge issues like gay marriage and abortion and the baby Jeebus to alienate folks from their own economic interests, feeding them a steady diet of hatred of minorites, the educated, science, and, well, reality to create a voting block of people so guided by hatred of the 'other' that they would crawl over broken glass to cut their nose off to spite their face."

-John Cole

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Sadly, this is not uncommon.

A friend told me about a different friend of his whose job was, in short, espionage for a large clothing retailer we've all heard of. I won't Fall Into the trap of naming the company but I'm sure you'll figure it out.

Anyway, this persons job was to infiltrate various groups and find out when there was going to be protests in front of the the retailers stores so the retailer could warn the stores and remind them of how to behave. Don't engage, etc etc. Fairly benign stuff.

Except that one time when it that company decided to pass on the information it got about a large protest in Seattle to the police there.

UPDATE: Oh ho, apparently this dude has an account on Google+. So +Thomas Ryan, anything to say in your own defense?
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