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Torrey Pines Garden and Outdoor Class
The Torrey Pines Garden and Outdoor Class is a place for children to learn.
The Torrey Pines Garden and Outdoor Class is a place for children to learn.

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TPES Youth Farmers Market sponsored by the school Garden Club was a big success! We sold out in 25 minutes and raised $95. We are looking forward to the market next week! Enjoy the photos.
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Torrey Pines Elementary School Weather Station

The weather station collects data on temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed, wind direction, and rain fall. This sensor data is uploaded to Weather Underground approximately every 14 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. TPES now has its own Personal Weather Station hosted by Weather Underground. This free service provides real time data from the weather station but will also hold historical data for over a year. 

You will note that it is called “CLIFFRIDGE” since that is the neighborhood location of the station. On the weather station home page it shows the STATUS as "Torrey Pines Elementary School Garden Weather Station”.

There are several ways to view weather station data.  You can access the weather station via any web browser at this URL:

You can also just go to and enter the station ID KCASANDI423 in the “Search Locations” box.

Weather Underground also has free apps for iPhones and iPads available in iTunes, you can learn more about the apps here:
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First Garden to Cafe Salad Bar December 4th 2015
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First Garden to Cafe Harvest December 3rd 2015
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Garden Update for September-early October, 2015

Welcome back to the TPES Garden! September was full of garden preparations for our fall plantings (thank you Charles). We had water supply problems over the summer but that was resolved just as school started. We have restarted our lunch room compost program (thanks kids!). All of the raised beds have had soil and compost added (thanks Tom Lutz for deliveries). New mulch was added throughout the garden to help keep the weeds down and prevent tracking mud (yes the rains are coming!). Ms. Marrari, our art teacher, completed a Dali inspired garden scarecrow (thank you!).  

All of the K/TK classrooms participated in planting sugar snap peas that have begun to emerge already. Thanks to Brigitte, Beth and room parents for helping out. Students received a coloring sheet with the life cycle of the sugar snap pea with botanical labels. Teachers received a three page curricular background on sugar snap pea planting.  First grade classes will be planting mixed lettuce this week and will have a sentence completion exercise based on seeds to take back to the classroom. Students will also have the opportunity to taste passion fruit from the garden. One of the raised beds was also planted with rainbow chard, a popular vegetable with the 4th grade boys last year. We hope to have some surprise plantings for the TPES "corn field."  Stay tuned.

2014-2015 Garden Summary

The 2014-2015 school year garden started off with 7 raised beds very overgrown from the summer and a large unused dirt patch in the rest of the area.  We ended the year with a 11 raised beds, 8 benches, a 20’x10’ 3-sisters garden, 8 fruit trees, 10 blueberry bushes, garden irrigation, worm and hot compost bins, and beautiful signs for our plants.  Almost every child had a chance to visit the garden with their class at least once.  

Let’s see how the garden was grown!


September - October 2014

Curriculum Night Table with promotional flyers and volunteer sign up sheet
Saturday Work Party - cleaning of beds and area for planting
Kick off Monday morning Garden club at 8 AM
Kindergarten garden orientation and sugar snap pea seed planting
Kindergarten visiting, monitoring and measuring pea growth and tasting other garden crops
Start pollinator and herb garden in raised bed - first monarch caterpillars arrive
Smoothie (later to be used as salad) garden planted - kale, lettuce, chard etc.
Metal shelving painted and installed on fence
November - December

Kindergarten planted more lettuce seeds.
Mulch added around raised beds.
Staking of peas.
Additional lettuce, winter greens, and California native wildflower seeds planted.
January 2015

TK, K and 4th grade harvest of sugar snap peas
Planting of Fuju Persimmon, Anna Apple, Dorsett Golden Apple, Valencia Orange, Clementine Mandarin, Satsuma Mandarin, Osborne Fig, and a Pomegranate bush thanks to a Village Garden Club of La Jolla grant.
Third grade planting of corn for 3-sister’s garden
Saturday work party - Beautification day with snacks provided by Whole Foods.  Mulch added to entire garden area, signs posts painted, and general campus clean up.  Clearing out of snap pea bed for next crop.
February to March

The 5th and 2nd graders harvested our lettuces, chard, kale and radishes and then consumed them in salad format.
The last of the snap peas were consumed by just about any kid who could reach one!
K planted new bush bean seeds, Swiss chard seeds, and carrot and radish seeds.
3rd grade added pole bean and squash seeds to the 3 sister’s garden.
Tomato, eggplant, sweet pepper, and cucumber seeds were planted.
New blueberry bushes were planted along the fence line (-5 sunshine blue (ripe in June) and 5 pink lemonade (ripe in the fall)
2 raised beds were built, amended, and planted with California native plants and milkweed to attract monarch butterflies and other pollinators right outside of the science room for easy access to observe this wildlife.
K&1st graders helped plant our new pollinator seedlings near the science room.
The citrus trees were used as part a citrus lifecycle class given at Science Day.
The garden was used as a way for kids to imagine subsisting off of a kitchen garden as part of the 5th grade colonial day.
Our milkweed was used in science to demonstrate seed locomotion.
April - June

2nd grade harvested lettuce which was then used for salad service for lunch with 2nd and all kinder/TK classes in mid April
1st grade classes planted new lettuce bed
1st grade harvested the lettuce they planted, salad was provided for 1st and 4th graders as part of lunch service
3 sisters corn and pumpkins will ripen over summer to harvest in the fall
Blueberries and strawberries were enjoyed by Monday Garden club helpers
Kindergarteners harvested and ate the green beans.
The end of May saw the return of monarch caterpillars to our milkweed.
Many volunteer flowers re-emerged and flowered including the cosmos and alyssum.
Infrastructure updates were installed thanks to the Las Patronas funds
2 compost tumblers
5 worm bins
2 raised beds were built with a passion fruit tunnel between them
Automated drip irrigation was added to the 2 new raised beds and the smaller raised pollinator bed
District installation of hose bibs along fence line to garden section of the school.  One will be used to install a wash basin installed with a catchment system.

There are so many people to thank for making this the most successful TPES garden year ever:  Brigitte Mannheimer, Clare Zimmerman, Cristal Chen, Beth Budra, Monica Winters, Kirsti Morten, Edi Nelson, Taryn Gillison, Pablo and Stephanie and everyone who came out for the work parties or helped with a class visit to the garden.  Thanks to the teachers who participated, Vicki Lugo from SD Master Gardeners and to the SDUSD, TPES Foundation and staff who supported these efforts especially Thom Lutz.  Last but not least a huge thanks goes out to Bill Jenkins who really spearheaded so many of these projects and will be heading the garden efforts for many years to come.  Cindy Hazuka who has lead the garden efforts these last 3 years is graduating from TPES but will help mature the California native pollinator gardens on campus.

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July in the TPES garden
July 2015 in the TPES Garden
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January 2015 in the TPES garden
January 2015 in the TPES Garden
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February 2015 in the TPES garden
February 2015 in the TPES Garden
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March 2015 in the TPES Garden
March 2014 in the TPES garden
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