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Peter Stanton
Alaskan teacher, historian, and writer
Alaskan teacher, historian, and writer

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The Day I Received Teacher Tenure
After school ended today, I became a tenured teacher. For three years and one day, I worked as a non-tenured teacher. Now, for as long as I continue teaching in my school district, I'll be tenured. Here's what that means: For three years and one day, my wor...

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Icelandic and English Language Use in Iceland
Icelandic is a beautiful language, and it's amazing to learn it hasn't changed too much from the Old Norse spoken by Vikings. Icelandic is also, however, an incredibly difficult language to learn. While other languages descended from Old Norse like Swedish ...

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Rename Schoenbar Middle School
John Shoenbar never deserved to have a school named after him. Back in January I went to the Ketchikan City Council and proposed that Ketchikan's flag should be revised or replaced . Now I'd like to offer up another suggestion for the community that no one ...

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Fighting Southeast Alaska's Youth Drain
A few months ago, I read this article about a presentation by the Ketchikan Gateway Borough's new manager, Ruben Duran. Near the end, the article states the following: I have to admit, this statement annoyed me a little. As a 26-year-old raised in Ketchikan...

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J.K. Rowling is Ruining Harry Potter's Legacy
source (actually a pretty good article ranking the books) Like so many Millennials, reading the Harry Potter series was a memorable and even vital aspect of my childhood. My parents read me the first three books out loud at bedtimes after they first appeare...

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A Message for Dan Sullivan Regarding Betsy DeVos
Despite massive feedback from Alaskans speaking in opposition to Betsy DeVos's nomination as Secretary of Education, ( see my recent message ), Senator Murkowski voted yes on moving Betsy DeVos's out of the HELP committee to a floor vote for the whole Senat...

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A Message for Lisa Murkowski Regarding Betsy DeVos
I just sent the following message to my senator, Lisa Murkowski. Alaskans, please visit her website if you wish to do the same. Senator Murkowski is a member of the  Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions , and as such she will have the o...

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Email to UA President and Regents — Keep UAS School of Education Programs
A former classmate in my UAS MAT program posted in our Facebook group that she heard the education programs at UAS are potentially going to be cut or moved to UAF (the University of Alaska Fairbanks). She asked that we email the UA Board of Regents and Pres...

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Trump's "Surprise" Victory and the Bernie Factor
I rushed to publish a bunch of election-themed posts on this blog the night before Election Day, (actually Election Day morning), and one of them was this one:  My Electoral College Prediction: 329 to Clinton, 209 to Trump . I didn't spend much time thinkin...

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My Electoral College Prediction: 329 to Clinton, 209 to Trump
It is a little after 1:00am on Election Day morning in Alaska, so it's time I published my prediction for the results of the presidential election before any real results arrive this evening. Using the great tool at , here is my pr...
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