This wedding was captured by Charlotte, North Carolina's +Emily Chidester
Love Travels Near and Far
Because I was enamored with you, I married you once.
Because our love is something to be celebrated, I married you twice.
Give it a few years and I’ll gladly marry you thrice!

When Andi + Lucas met in a foreign land many years ago, they had no idea that their chance evening of champagne and flirting would lead to not one, but two weddings! For the sake of both of their families, they married once in Argentina and once in Charlotte, North Carolina. Thanks to Charlotte, North Carolina’s astounding Emily Chidester, the young jet setting couple was able to share the celebration of their love with Andi’s grandparents who could not attend the Argentina ceremony. They followed each other around the world and made sure to stop at a hometown courthouse for a beautiful simple reminder that their love has no borders.

The day was blanketed in a stifling hot heat, yet Andi + Lucas couldn’t keep their hands off of one another. It was as if they were addicted to each other …in constant need of a touch here and a gaze there.

Emily Chidester brought such elegance to the simplicity of the day. The whites in the details were heavenly, and the flowers so vibrant! She created a timeless moment caught in print, something to be cherished throughout all of Andi + Lucas’ worldly adventures. #weddingphotographers #thebestweddingphotographers #outsidetheboxweddings
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