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Ryan McClanahan
My words can beat up your words.
My words can beat up your words.

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Garbage Casserole
We did not have recycling, where I used to live with her. Sometimes the apartment smelled like the cat box, ammonia and flies. Did you know flies smell basically the same as death? That rotting dead-in-a-ditch smell. That’s not the deer mushrooming into ric...

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The Same Horse's Song
Well we met on the doorstep where we both knew it ends And you waved me inside, said welcome home my friend I said I’ve been here before, I don’t want to begin You didn’t have to speak with that Cheshire cat grin You winked and you laughed and you held me i...

I did not think I was going to be so excited about the Firefly Online codex content. But now I'm watching it all, and find myself smiling like kid with an ice cream cone.

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Oh hi nix 2014!
Oh hello end of the year. I suppose I should have done
something since we last met. I’m supposed to write and be productive and progress in my
life, right? That’s what they tell me. Do you know how that works? Like, do you
have a guide I can read? I know yo...

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End Lesstin Kering 7 3/11/14
Back to the List Oliver's foot slipped in the mud, and he toppled backwards onto
the slick bank. Lesstin grabbed the boy's hand without thinking,
pulling him back from the edge. The older boy laughed as he dragged
himself back toward stable ground. “Nice gr...

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End Lesstin Kering 6 3/9/14
Back to the List Soon Maria was going to pay. She thought she could take
everything from Lesstin. She had led him on for years, making him
think she loved him. He had been happy, while she had been plotting.
Scheming with other men on how to steal the money...

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End Lesstin Kering 5 2/21/14
Back to the List A tiny goose honk of a horn startled Lesstin out of his day
dream. Not that he'd really been dreaming. He did put his car into
first and accelerate through the light even as it was turning yellow.
He swore under his breath. He had failed al...

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End Lesstin Kering 4 2/17/14
(This is late from the week of 2/10/14)  Maria leaned in close to
Lesstin, letting him hold some of her weight on his arm. “It's just
not the best neighborhood, you know?” She kept her voice low, and
aimed toward his ear, as if afraid that saying so would s...

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End Lesstin Kering X3 2/15/14
(note: see the  Master Document  for explanation of the End Lesstin Kering project.) (This story was scrapped. As follows were my notes and writing at the point of being scrapped.) [Try to rephrase some of this.
There's a bit of word-swampiness in the middl...

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End Lesstin Kering List
Primary 52 One End Lesstin Kering story , every week of 2014, starting 1/17/2014 End Lesstin Kering 1 End Lesstin Kering 2 End Lesstin Kering 3 Abandoned X Stories abandoned for one reason or another Abandoned Story 1
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