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NZ Landscape Photography Locations
A great place to share the beauty of New Zealand
A great place to share the beauty of New Zealand

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Topographic maps are a useful resource when you are trying to find the name of a stream or how to access a particular location

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Want a topographic map, go here to see them online :)

Just did a quick stocktake on the locations that have been added to the map.... there are now 55 locations added... thanks everyone for your contributions :)

Just did a quick review of the locations added to the map and we now have 50 points of interest tagged throughout NZ... Amazing since the map has only been up since Monday :) Great work guys... Remember if you want to join us, then Want to help out and add your own locations, contact +Mike Gannaway and he will send you an invitation to join us...

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Second website I found of waterfalls in New Zealand... This one includes a KML link to show these falls on Google Earth... 60 Waterfalls listed here

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A friend of mine pointed me to this list of Waterfalls in New Zealand, looks like a lot of good information including a reader submitted list at the bottom of the page...

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Do you live in New Zealand or plan to visit? Have you ever wanted a map that will point you to those hidden jems, beautiful locations where you can create beautiful landscape images and have a great time. Would you love to share some of these great locations and "pay it forward".... give back to other photographers? Thanks to +Gavin Treadgold, +Andrew Caldwell, +Martin Tyler, +Chris Almario  and +Mike Gannaway we have set up a google map to share gorgeous locations throughout New Zealand. Click on the following hyperlink to see the Map Gavin has created for us  

So you want to help and share locations with others? Wondering how you can add to the map? Send +Mike Gannaway  your Google email address and he will add you as a collaborator for this map. Google has made a guide to help us add places and content at 

How else can you help?  Share this post with others, spread the word :)

Let me know what you think :) I would love to see thousands of locations listed, what a great way to plan a trip...
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