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It's been a few years and a lot of discussion has been had, but I still stand by my ideas to make Jiu-Jitsu better for the student and the school owner.

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Ever failed to learn a second language? Me too ...three times.

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Juárez Correa [...] squatted next to her and asked why she hadn’t expressed much interest in math in the past, since she was clearly good at it.

"Because no one made it this interesting," she said.

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I've searched high and low but can't find any tutorials on fixing my audio drivers in Ubuntu.

Got any knowledge to drop?

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I've started a reading list. I was trying to do reviews of all the books I'm reading ...but that's work.

In a conversation with a friend I was asked for my advice on what she should do regarding publishing a work she's been sitting on and how to increase traffic and engagement on her blog. As I was giving her advice, everything I was saying, I was saying to myself. The advice was mostly taken from a blog post by +John Bardos where he was asking "what guy am I?" and a little from +Dan Andrews where he says "every blog post should answer the same question from a different angle." My friend's writing is all over the place and it's hard to label her. I suggested that once she chose a label, her traffic and engagement would take care of itself. But then I hung up the phone...

I started wondering what happens when people chose to be a "guy" but later decide they don't want to be that guy? What happens when +John McIntyre doesn't want to be the Autoresponder guy anymore? What happens when +Justin Cooke and +Joseph Magnotti don't want to be the Adsense guys anymore? What does John do with all the autoresponder authority he's built on his blog? What does Justin and Joe do with all those twitter followers who still expect AdSense advice?

+Chris Guillebeau was on +Chase Jarvis LIVE recently talking about what happens when you finish a project and how it can be hard to let go of the "guy" you were and find a new "guy" to be. It was an interesting interview and it did help a little with the questions above but it got me wondering. Why am I afraid to pick a "guy" to be? Am I afraid that I'll spend a lot of time and effort and the payoff won't be enough? Am I afraid that I'll be too successful and then have too much responsibility? Or perhaps it's an issue of not wanting to be pigeonhole, just like my friend...

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+Aaron Myers interviews Dr James Asher, creator of the Total Physical Response system of language learning.

Dr Asher talks about how most language learning programs are actively working against the students. He talks about how study and forced production are counter productive and says "when speaking happens, language learning has already occurred." This video was an hour well spent with someone who seems to understand well how language is learned.

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+Steve Kaufmann interviews +Stephen Krashen. If you're a language nerd, you've got to watch this.

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Great Article about the difference between Thai values and western values. Is a scam really a scam?

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Look at this Instagram (Nickelback Parody)

Two months later and this is still funny.
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