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The Twilight Legacies Universe+
You have crossed the threshold and entered the Realm of Katara...
You have crossed the threshold and entered the Realm of Katara...

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Darkness and Light
How do you determine the direction of the protagonist(MC)? As a writer, the life of the protagonist is often mirrored from our own life experiences or to those experience of someone who is close to us. Nurturing the MC is fundamental--the polar opposite is ...

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'Figment' of my Imagination.
I am looking for beta readers, including critiques from fellow authors as I continue to work on this project Legends of the Kah'Rai: Prophecy(Book 1) . Feel free to comment, I'd love to read your thoughts as this story evolves. I've spent many mornings and ...

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Don't think. Just Do
"Don't think. Just do." ~Anonymous A mentor and friend taught me this when I was studying the Isshinryu style of Karate, this ideology can be applied to a plethora of life lessons and situations, including those in the world of fiction. It's like watching a...

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Legends of the Kah'Rai: Prophecy Preview#1
The Ruins Several months passed by, Y'raiden spent his time
studying at the Conclave of Knowledge, but he didn't quite fit in
with his fellow peers and was teased for who being of the Val-Qorin
lineage and his desire for home magnified greatly as he seclude...

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Third Anniversary of The Twilight Legacies: The Sixth Eye
Like many authors, before my story became fully fledged, I spent countless hours working on the manuscript. There were days, even months, I spent fighting writer's block, but I was determined and tenacious to get this story written, creating a vast and comp...

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Inspirational Quotes

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Illustration entitled "Cygnus Loop" based on the YA sci-fi/fantasy novel "The Twilight Legacies: The Sixth Eye." Depiction of Prometheus -class EVAC transport and an armada of Enkrathnin Motherships.

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2D to 3D-spiration!!
Over the years, I've dabbled in many things, including MS Paint and I've perfected my skills as an artist. The Prometheus -class was one of the easiest starship schematics to produce and now, able to render in 3D format using Corel's Bryce 7 program. Copyri...

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"Independence Prime" progression continues as mega-metropolis expands.
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