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It's been a while
It's been a while since I've posted anything here. I had this crazy idea that I would focus on my writing rather than blogging, as though those were different things. Needless to say, I've written less than ever. So I'm back blogging, but I've moved myself ...
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The Faraway Nearby by Rebecca Solnit
Every book is a kind of encounter, an encounter with the
mind of the writer and whatever it is about themself that they choose to
reveal. Some reveal more than others. Some reveal themselves by accident, or
unintentionally, trying to disguise themselves in ...
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The Living Mountain by Nan Shepherd
“It is a tale too slow
for the impatience of our age,” Shepherd writes in 1947 and 58 years later
it is an observation which couldn’t feel more true, and is astonishing in the
way it reminds us that whatever the era the demand for human progress outstrips
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As an inveterate book buyer, almost unapologetic, recently
released to a book buying spree, I often try to understand what it is that
makes me want to acquire more and more books. There is a gulf between buying
and reading which is often unbridgeable – mean...
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Trying to Keep Still by Jenny Diski
I had just started my latest attempt at book writing,
limiting my reading and blogging to one book a week, when I picked up this book
by Jenny Diski on an impulse from the local Oxfam shop. It was only £2.99,
which was part of the reason (though Oxfam books...
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The Narrow Road to the Deep North & Other Travel Sketches by Matsuo Basho (translator Nobuyuki Yuasa)
No, not that Narrow Road to the Deep North, the ubiquitous Booker winning novel by Richard
Flanagan gracing every shelf of every bookshop at the moment, but the original
travel sketches by 17 th century haiku master Matsuo Basho. He of the
sublime poetry. T...
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High Rise by J. G. Ballard
I was walking to work recently and I was thinking about J.
G. Ballard, I’m not sure why. For some reason J. G. Ballard popped into my
head, and I had a hankering after reading something by him, something I hadn’t read
before. I was thinking about islands, b...
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Atlas of Remote Islands by Judith Schalansky (translator Christine Lo)
There is something about islands which captures the imagination,
about which every person has an instinctive reaction. Perhaps that reaction is
fear: a terror of being trapped or contained, a horror of being isolated or
alone. Perhaps that reaction is exube...
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Time to think
I’ve taken a few days off work, taking advantage of the bank
holiday, and as always happens when I have a few days to spare with no real
plans I find myself with time to think. Not straight away. It takes a few days,
a few days of reading, of travelling aro...
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The Rings of Saturn by W.G. Sebald (translator: Michael Hulse)
There are many kinds of books you can encounter in a
lifetime. There are books which are soulful and full of grace. Books that are
like a slap in the face. Books that nurture and console you. Books that make
you laugh. Books that are like a lifelong journey...
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