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Gale Davy
Charity Fundraising & Communications, Science education, outreach, public policy.
Charity Fundraising & Communications, Science education, outreach, public policy.


I'm back!
hmmmm - and I read that G+ was dead!
Since I was last here (July 2015) - moved, found a new job, bought a house.
What did I miss?
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When pages were first introduced, I created a page for the charity that I work for. Now, I'm leaving this job, moving away and I need to transfer ownership of the account.

Yesterday, I created a new account and assigned that account as one of the managers. I wanted to transfer ownership, but got the message that the new account needs to be a manager for 24hours before ownership can be transferred.

Today, I logged in to transfer ownership, but it appears as though the other account (that I created yesterday) needs to accept the management (or something like that). So I logged out and tried to login with the account that I created yesterday (and verified yesterday via the text message system).

It's telling me that the email address (that I used to create the account yesterday) is not a valid Google accounts email address.

Now I'm stymied. I can't log in to the new account to accept the management and I can't transfer ownership.

I've gone through all the "Help" questions etc. in circles over and over again and there doesn't seem to be any way to contact Google to get help on this.

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Thanks for voting for Scientists in School!
Somewhere a kid will be inspired because of this and s/he will change the world!
2nd place - $25,000 for STEM workshops for schools serving low-income neighbourhoods/communities!
Thank you to everyone who supported Scientists in School by voting in the CST Inspired Minds Learning Project competition. We placed 2nd overall, winning $25k. That will provide hands-on STEM workshops for close to 3,000 kids!
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We're in 2nd place!
If you think kids DOING science is a good idea, then please VOTE. VOTE EVERY DAY and tell your friends to vote too.
We're so close to winning this thing, I can barely stand it!
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Science is in second place right now. Please VOTE.
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G+ is where the science geeks live - that's what I'm always saying. Prove me right and vote for Scientists in School. We might not generate as many votes as Twitter but we have got to generate more than Facebook! Right?
All kids love being scientists in school. All kids SHOULD have that opportunity. Please VOTE for Scientists in School and help make that happen. You don't have to live in Canada to vote.
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I manage a page on G+. I've put a post on that page twice today. It shows up when I'm using G+ as the page (viewing the profile), but it doesn't show up in my stream nor when I go to the page from my own account (thus I cannot share it to my followers).  I gave up and decided to come back later - and the original post on the page is gone. (Thus why I've posted it twice).  Any ideas?

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Happy Canada Day!
Don't forget to join Scientists in School on Capitol Hill in Ottawa for the science of sport Tuesday, July 1. We'll be at Major's Hill Park with hands-on science fun for everyone 10am - 5pm.

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A good example of a +Scientists in School workshop - Never Say Ugh to a Bug.
Never Say Ugh to a Bug workshop - Lethbridge, Alberta, June 2013.
Never Say Ugh to a Bug - workshop - Lethbridge, Alberta June 2013
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Doing the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Charity Challenge for +Scientists in School again this year.  Would love your support to get more kids excited about science.  Donations of $10 or more will receive a charitable gift tax receipt (Canada).
Scientists in School is an awesome charity that allows kids to become scientists right in their own classrooms.
If you love to see kids doing science - then pony up!
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