“The main fuel to speed our progress is our stock of knowledge, and the brake is our lack of imagination[.]” - Is the Internet a testament to this belief?
"the pessimists [insist] population growth makes us all worse off. The late economist Julian Simon devoted his life to challenging that notion. ‘Adding more people causes problems,’ he acknowledged, ‘but people are also the means to solve these problems….’ Simon would have celebrated the arrival of our 7 billionth neighbor. More people means more minds—more innovators and entrepreneurs working to improve the human condition…. [But] neither minds nor markets can flourish without freedom to experiment with new ideas, technologies and business models."

— My op/ed in Salon.com, Welcoming the 7 billionth neighbor: Why we should celebrate, not worry about, the planet’s growing population, on Julian Simon’s pragmatic optimism, best explained in his 1981 book, The Ultimate Resource II and its connection to Adam Smith’s thought.
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