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Calling for real life heart breaking stories, or how i met you, bride and groom to be made as infographics for our blog launch. If you wanted to share your story, please email me at
Comment for those who are interested.
Our blog launch will be on june. All posts will be turned to infographics. Please share!
#storysearch #lookingfor #heartbreakingstories
Below are samples of what your stories will look like. #draft

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Hey everyone! It's Wednesday, which means it's time to share our business page!

"A Day to Remember Invites and Favors", or "A Day to Remember Invites and Design Studio is our start up invitation printing service. We also accept orders from design to lay out such as brochures, posters, logos, and calling cards.

Our invitations are handled with care and orderliness. Papers are thick as 250gsm-300gsm and printed inks are vibrant as your day!

This is for clients who are living in Philippines, Manila area only. Since we are just starting, we do not ship abroad yet.

Share this post with everyone living in the Philippines!

We accept graphic design services online

Head out to our page and give us a like for support! Thank you for everyone cheering me on!

FB page link:

Don't forget to give us a +1D and check out our page for more designs

#business #weddinginvitation *prints #wednesday #socialmedia #adaytoremember #graphic #design

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Sample Wedding logos for the Bride and Groom

If you're having trouble finding your wedding logo designs, then have a look and get those ideas running!

The bride and groom simply wanted a modern, christian wedding theme, and blue is their favorite theme color. Plus, they're also looking forward to beautiful calligraphy styles. So I decided to incorporate some vintage styles and fabulous calligraphy fonts.

*Have a wedding plan? Do you need high-quality material invitations? Message me both on our facebook page and my google+

~Please share these to your friends and have them a look at our work! Give us a +1d and follow our page for more. Feedbacks are appreciated

*We accept graphic design services, such as brochure layout, calling card, logos, posters, image manipulation and illustrations.

Building our blog and our base, so help us out!
-->fb page:

#weddinglogo #tuesday #logo #design #wedding #photoshop #philippines #adaytoremember #art #graphic

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~A Day to Remember Invites & Design Services

Here's our daily monday quote! Comment your opinions below and tell me what you think. <3 Give this a +1d and share if you can relate. Follow us for daily inspiring posts.

~I've realized that one of my biggest mistakes when I'm so motivated and focused on my career is that I rush into completing work. It disrupts the quality of work because you keep rushing to finish it in a day or so. It happens to me when I'm making invitation samples, or painting an illustration.

~~Building up my blog here and facebook page. Will post daily about our services and more!


>Our fb page: (If you need invitations, please message me)
>Blog still empty, but will post once the setup is done:

#everydayquotes #inspiringquotes #adaytorememberinvitations #socialmedia #weddinginvitation #graphicdesign #commissionsopen #blog #quote #google #seo #online #art #hastags #inspiration #branding #retweet

1 guy crushed my heart
1 fever made my world a living hell
1 person made me shape up my direction of my life
2 parents made my career choice into chunks of disagreements and arguments
1 guy who courted me
1 month of suffocation between the guy, parent's disagreements and massive headache of starting out a business.
1 successful first job order from 0% knowledge of making a wedding invitation business.

A guy. A coincidence. A mentor. A career.
Thank you for shaping my path.

Hey guys! CC faye back here. Just had a heck of a month last 2016 and the start of 2017. But i'm really lucky to have someone who i truly deserve aside from the guy who dumped me.

Even though i finally got that direction in my life. I still feel confused after i successfully completed my first client's 70 piece invitation order. Those were the days where i shed blood, sweet and boring labor.

I am taking dream career therapy- meaning, that i list down all the things i wanted to do in my 20-30's. And dreams that i need to fulfill.

Since i'm very ambiguous, i feel like i wanted to turn my hobbies into a career, which i can't do it because of time management. So now i need to cross out until i focus on the hobby that i wanted to pursue.

It's very confusing and really frustrating. I want to become a graphic designer at a international company, start a blog, become partners with wedding suppliers, start a design agency or design studio, become a 3D modeler, promote my young adult novels, write a book, make comics, share stories, make a relationship counseling blog, illustrate drawings.

So many right?
And one thing i hate. Social media marketing. Yes. Please let me know your other opinions!

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