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Jim Milks
Ecologist and environmental scientist
Ecologist and environmental scientist

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Climate of 2016 to date
No, I'm not talking about the recently concluded US election that saw a scientific illiterate ascend to the presidency. Given the lack of details about Donald Trump's intended policies, it's impossible to say what, exactly, his election means for science in...

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1996 versus 2016 in a Facebook meme
Recently, a right-wing cousin of mine shared a meme claiming that
global temperatures were unchanged between 1996 and 2016, specifically
that global temperatures were 14.83ºC (58.7ºF) in both 1996 and 2016. I call BS and here's why. First
and most obviou...

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Hottest start to a calendar year on record
NASA updated their global temperature data for April and it's hot.  Really hot.  As in the last time it was this hot may well be the Holocene Climatic Optimum.  April 2014 shattered April 2010's record by a full 0.24ºC, coming in at 1.11ºC above the 1951-19...

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It's hard to believe that anyone at this point takes the so-called Climategate seriously.  Yet I have encountered several individuals recently who appear to sincerely believe that Climategate was a real scandal that somehow disproves all the scientific evid...

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A taste of 2049
Long time, no see.  Sorry for the lengthy time between entries.  Real life has gotten quite complicated of late.  So, let's hit one major topic that has been in the news of late: The sizzling start to 2016.  Just how sizzling has it been?  Take a look:

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What are the chances that 2015 will not be the hottest year on record?
Let me be upfront with you: I think it's a foregone conclusion that 2015 will beat out 2014 as the hottest year on record. However, I decided to test that idea, just to be certain. The way I did it was simple: I first calculated the year-to-date average (Ja...

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Global warming, The Wall Street Journal, and John Gordon
John Steele Gordon published a commentary in The Wall Street Journal on July 30 that, on its face, sounds
reasonable.  Gordon makes the case that we should be cautious about
calling climate science settled as science is always changing.  No real

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Hottest first six months on record
I know, I know, I'm behind a bit.  Most of the stories on the first six months of this year came nearly a month ago.  Better late than never.  By now, we all know that the world is headed toward its hottest year ever, breaking the record set just last year....

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James Taylor gets polar ice wrong—as usual
James Taylor of the Heartland Institute had a piece on Forbes back in May that escaped my attention when it first came out.  Titled " Updated NASA Data: Global Warming Not Causing Any Polar Ice Retreat ", it focused on the single premise that since 2012, to...

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The Ice Age Cometh?
Recent media reports have claimed that a drop in solar activity will lead to a mini-Ice Age within the next 15 years.  Unfortunately, even press reports from science-related media such as Science Daily , have been riddled with errors. Let's get the biggest ...
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